May 4, 2009

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How My Mom Taught Me To Read in Cool Summer Classrooms

Maybe the words “learning” and “summer” do not make the most appealing combination. I’m sure for most students the idea of learning during the summer is the last thing on their minds. However, just because classes are out does not mean learning has to end. Summertime is a great time to explore other interests, talents and skills. Like I always say, learning should not be confined to the four walls of a classroom!

My favorite outside the classroom “classroom” is the beach.

While most parents opt to enrol their kids in sports, creative arts, or even reading/math enhancement programs, my mom used to take me to the beach for summer. We’d stay for extended periods of time, thus not allowing me to have enough time to enrol in whatever program during the break. However, it wasn’t always fun and games while I was at the beach. It was during these vacations that I learned that learning is indeed cool and fun, even in the summer.untitled-1

In the beach, my mom taught me a lot of interesting ways to look at the world. From appreciating the beauty of nature, to conducting experiments on density and weight with the use of sand balls, the beach became my classroom without walls. The most long lasting lesson I learned in the beach, however, was my ABC’s. It became the foundation of my education as well as the core of my personal philosophies. In many ways, it has paved the way for me becoming the teacher I am today.

You see, as a child I was diagnosed with a mild form of dyslexia, a reading problem which often is associated with letter reversals which contribute to difficulty in reading. Back then, reading, or even the simple task of learning my letters, was a monumental task. The solution: my mom embraced my different learning style and encouraged me to look for corals in the beach and guess what letter they were. It surely helped develop my visual/perceptual skills thus making me see letters in the right way. In the beginning we started out with just learning the alphabet with corals. Soon I was spelling words and reading words spelled out for me. When I was adept with that, we took it a step further and started looking for shells and corals shaped like animals.

Now that I’m all grown up, I make it a point to look for these corals as souvenirs of beaches I go to, especially since I can’t bring home sand as souvenirs. It’s a nice way of marking a vacation for me, plus it brings back a lot of fond memories. Whenever my friends see pick out my corals, they are amazed at the idea. At the end of the day, all I can say is that the beach, or any of your favorite vacation spots, can be a cool classroom this summer!

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