Jun 29, 2009

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SM IMAX: The Ultimate Digital Experience

Stories come to life bigger and brighter at the SM Cinemas as they usher in the latest of their digital theaters, the IMAX at SM North Edsa. Old classics like Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and modern bestsellers such as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will bring viewers to new heights as they see more, hear more, and feel more in this 3D cinema.

The IMAX at SM North Edsa is the second theater of this kind opened in the Philippines, the first of which is located at SM Mall of Asia. It is said that these theaters are the world’s most advanced digital theatre systems.

SM’s IMAX Theatre at North Edsa will open on July 16, 2009 with it’s screening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Other films to watch out for are as follows:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – July 16, 2009 (with exclusive IMAX 3D scenes)

As Harry Potter begins his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he discovers an old book marked mysteriously “This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince” and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort’s dark past.

Under The Sea 3D – August 2009

An underwater look at the diverse coastal regions of Southern Australia, New Guinea and the Indo-Pacific areas and the impact of global warming on the oceans.

A Christmas Carol 3D – November 2009

An animated retelling of Charles Dickens classic novel about a Victorian-era miser taken on a journey of self-redemption, courtesy of several mysterious Christmas apparitions.

Avatar 3D – December 2009

A band of humans are pitted in a battle against a distant planet’s indigenous population.


How to Train your Dragon 3D – March 2010

Shrek Goes Fourth 3D – May 2010

Hubble 3D

Just today I showed a film in my class. This is testament to how much I have embraced technology as a teacher. This is definitely one teaching resource that will be included in my lesson planning :-)

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Jun 23, 2009

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An Icy Adventure at the Science Discovery Center.

Growing up science was always a chore for me to learn. No offense to my science teachers, but for the most part, complex lectures about science principles were not very interesting, especially for someone like me who is a visual-kinesthetic learner. Kids nowadays, however, can learn science in a FUN and INTERESTING way!

Located in the Southside Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia is a world of wonder and discovery — The Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center. It is said to be the country’s premiere science museum. Unlike most museums where one just looks and observes, the center features over 400 hands-on and interactive exhibits which are aggregated into 9 galleries. From a talking fish to shaking floors, virtual sports games and flying airplanes, it a trip to the Science Discovery Center will definitely be great fun.

Besides the amazing and wowing exhibits, the center features the Philippines’ most advanced planetarium and dome theater. It was here that bloggers, media, school representative and other guests were treated to the gala premiere of the theaters latest feature, Ice Worlds.

Ice Worlds is a documentary that highlights the delicate balance between ice, water and our very existence on this planet. Narrated by British Actress Emily Watson, the film offers brilliant eye catching images of wonderful icy landscapes.

The event was presented by SMART and sponsored by Nestle Nido Fortified, Coca-Cola, and BDO. It was supported by WWF Philippines, Mrs.Field’s Cookie Cafe, Digipost, A-Z Direct Marketing, and Timelife. Yehey.com was the online media partner.

Perhaps for my preschoolers, this would not be a very interesting field trip, but for middle graders, it will definitely be a lot of fun. For inquiries and ticket reservations, call 556-2153 Group booking is also entertained at 556-0331.

*some photos courtesy of Azrael Coladilla

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Jun 23, 2009

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An Open Letter To Students.

Dear Students,

I love being your teacher most of the time, for reasons that I myself cannot explain. I just do. However, there are times when this love can be challenged and be put to the test. I have already accepted and embraced the fact that my job is a thankless job, and yet I take it on for the mere fact that I love being a teacher. I hope you know, though, that when you come to class late despite my harried efforts to meet you on time I feel bad. Do know that when I see you doing your homework in class, I feel insulted because it shows you do not care much for what I am doing for you. When you talk to your classmates while I stand in front and try to teach you, I try my best not to feel disgruntled and simply try to understand and remember what it was like when I was you. I figured, maybe you just don’t know how I feel, so I decided to write this letter.

On the other hand, do know that you guys bring a lot of joy to my life. You make me laugh and think in many ways I never thought I could. I love it a lot when you laugh at my jokes, no matter how corny they may be. I like it when you complement me, especially when it comes to our activities. Little things like saying “I enjoyed today” makes me feel my job is so worthwhile. Also, when I see how much effort you put into your assignments, my heart fills with pride.

So there my dear Students, this is how I feel as your Teacher.


Teacher Ria

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Jun 21, 2009

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Photo Privacy, Please!

Do you think schools should have a photo privacy policy, or perhaps an informed consent form regarding photos taken during school activities and the like? For example, if kids go on a field trip, should other parents and teachers be allowed to post them on social networking sites and the like? I understand if it’s your own child, that shouldn’t be a problem. However, what if the child is in a group photo? While ownership is clear, the question of the use of photographs begs to be asked.

I ask this because I see a lot of ad campaigns around for schools and the like. Many times schools use photos from their archives, such as competitions in school, the yearbooks, and similar sources.

I myself will not deny I have been guilty of posting photos I take in my sites. However, before I do it again, or perhaps inadvertently offend parents around, I decided to ask the question. Some of the parents are open to the use of photos, so long as they are not sold or used for commercial campaigns. Others prefer that their kids’ faces not be too focused or close-up. I haven’t gotten a “no” yet, though.

In this day of digital technology, photos and videos can spread almost as fast as a virus. Do we need to do anything to safeguard this spread? Should schools start implementing these informed consent forms and releases? What’s your P.O.V.?

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Jun 21, 2009

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Must Have Toys: Playdough

This is the first in a series of toys and playthings that I plan to feature in this site. Some of these “must haves” may be commercially available and some homemade.  This series does not necessarily aim to promote a product, but perhaps to highlight the value of such TYPES of products. On occasion, however, I am open to endorsing a product or item, but only if I beleive in it :-)
One of the most valuable playthings for children, in my opinion is playdough.  For me, it’s like literally giving a kid a world of possibilities in their hands. Playdough does not only offer kids a fun time, it also exercises their imagination, gives them opportunities to share, and allows them to learn simple concepts such as shapes and sizes. For older kids concepts can include fractions and parts of a whole. I’ve also used playdough to help teach kids about textures. These definitely highlight why playdough is a must have plaything for kids.

I prefer the softer playdough over the harder modelling clays which are more difficult to manipulate. There are many popular brands out there, but I go for the homemade ones for two main reasons: one, it’s more economical and two, the kids can actually be involved in making the dough!

You can Google a lot of different playdough recipes, but here’s one I particularly like and use myself:


1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

2 tbsp. cream of tartar

1 tsp. food coloring* (if you wanna make different colors, hold off adding this until you divide the mixture)

1 tbsp. oil

1 cup water


1. Dissolve the salt in the water in a medium saucepan. If you are using rock salt, dissolve as best as you can and remove the remaining crystals to avoid lumpy clay.

2. Add in the flour, oil, coloring* and cream of tartar. Stir over medim heat for about 5 minutes or until you can form a ball and holds together. If you’d like to make different colors of dough, do not add the coloring until after the dough has been cooked. Then divide the mixture and add in drops of food coloring as you desire.

3. Cool slightly then knead the ball of dough on a lightly floured surface, preferrably while still somewhat warm.

4. Cool completely before storing in an airtight container.

This  recipe is generally safe and non-toxic for children. I like adding a few drops of essential oils to make the dough smell yummy. My preferences include peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla. However, I make sure to label my container with a “do not put in your mouth” sign and only let the older children use it as young toddlers may try to taste the dough!

What I like about this cooked type of dough is that it has a very stretchy, bouncy consistency that’s not too sticky, which uncooked doughs tend to be.

Do try it out and have fun! Let me know how it works for you!

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