Jun 23, 2009

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An Open Letter To Students.

Dear Students,

I love being your teacher most of the time, for reasons that I myself cannot explain. I just do. However, there are times when this love can be challenged and be put to the test. I have already accepted and embraced the fact that my job is a thankless job, and yet I take it on for the mere fact that I love being a teacher. I hope you know, though, that when you come to class late despite my harried efforts to meet you on time I feel bad. Do know that when I see you doing your homework in class, I feel insulted because it shows you do not care much for what I am doing for you. When you talk to your classmates while I stand in front and try to teach you, I try my best not to feel disgruntled and simply try to understand and remember what it was like when I was you. I figured, maybe you just don’t know how I feel, so I decided to write this letter.

On the other hand, do know that you guys bring a lot of joy to my life. You make me laugh and think in many ways I never thought I could. I love it a lot when you laugh at my jokes, no matter how corny they may be. I like it when you complement me, especially when it comes to our activities. Little things like saying “I enjoyed today” makes me feel my job is so worthwhile. Also, when I see how much effort you put into your assignments, my heart fills with pride.

So there my dear Students, this is how I feel as your Teacher.


Teacher Ria

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  1. ang sweet nmn ni Teacher Ria…

    Guilty yta ako sa first paragraph. ganyan ako nung student pko. sorry sa mga naging teacher ko.

    • Teacher Ria says:

      hehe…hindi ko naman masasabing never ako naging makulit in class, so siguro ganito rin naramdaman ng mga teachers ko in the past :-)

  2. From one teacher to another: I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you :)

    • Teacher Ria says:

      thank you Teacher Julie! In all fairness, my second class was so much better :-) I guess it has something to do also with the students maturity level. Tomorrow WILL be better!


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