Jun 19, 2009

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My Unforgettable Teacher Blog Contest Results.

The results are in! Much thanks to my judges, Jen and Trina, who happen to be my co-teachers in DLSU :-)

There were a total of 6 entries, with one being disqualified because of the missing links required to validate the post.

So to cut a long story short, congratulations to ROMMEL! His entry, Ma’am Jo was the unanimous choice of all the judges, including myself.  He wins 300 pesos worth of GC’s from National Bookstore and an Angel for Autism Baller Band. Second place would have been  MERRY CHERRY, but unfortunately her entry was deemed invalid as it did not meet the link requirements :-( Therefore, in second place, is ROWENA WENDY LEI whose entry about her Sesame Street teachers Bob and Maria won her a 100peso GC to Starbucks and an Angel for Autism Band. Thank you again to all those who joined, namely Fjordz, Leirs, Che, and Jamie. As a consolation prize and token of appreciation for your efforts in lauding your most unforgettable teachers, you will be recieving an Angel for Autism Baller Band as well.

Till the next contest!

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Jun 19, 2009

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Education and the Lack Thereof.

And so today marks the end of the first week of school. School Year 2009-2010 is officially underway! This year for me is kind of bittersweet, because it marks the year that my very first kids are graduating from elementary school this year.

It’s a bit sad to not that while so much has changed, so much still remains the same. It’s sad how education is still deemed as a privilege and not a right in so many ways. What’s even more frustrating about the whole situation is hearing how our government misspends so much of it’s money. And let’s not forget about the whole issue of corruption, right?

This gets me to thinking: how can we really make a change in the system? I feel this step will not only make a change in education but in life in general.

The solution: it starts with us.

Cliché, right? Cliché but true.

Imagine this: if we stopped thinking “everyone else is doing it, so I might as well do the same thing” things would be so much difference. For example, if the higher-ups stopped focusing on the “what’s in it for me” and instead care more about “what is in the best interest” things will start to make changes. Small and slow changes, but changes nevertheless. For me, on a personal level, I am committing to no longer using pirated videos for my lessons, even though I just borrow them and not buy them technically. While videos may technically be in the best interest of my students’ learning, I have to look at the underlying message I am inadvertently sending.

Like I said, this attitude can make a change in so many aspects of life. To be honest, the thought dawned on me while I was stuck in traffic. I realized that more than just the fact that our streets are overcrowded, one major contributor to traffic is the fact that we think only about how we can get ahead rather than how we can all get through the traffic easily. Take the bottleneck by the Bicutan off-ramp of the Skyway. Drivers refuse to yield to one another, thus the snail-paced movement extends even longer, especially for those who are in the proper lane to begin with. If we took turns and went alternately, I’m sure everyone would get to their destination faster. Bottom line, what happens is we tend to think why let people pass me when no one lets me pass either.

So this school year, my quest is to make sure I teach my students that there is indeed a world so much bigger than us, and that no matter how cliché it may be, change begins in one’s self…no matter how small that may be.

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Jun 19, 2009

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My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs For 2009

As I said in an earlier post, I am glad I am a teacher in this generation because technology is at my beck and call.  I’ve seen the transition from simple PowerPoint presentations for class, both as a student and a teacher, to those with flash media and the like. It’s true: the World Wide Web, especially the blogosphere and social networks.

I am taking this opportunity to highlight the influential power of the internet. It is a highly evolving and powerful teaching tool! A big thanks goes out to Ms. Janette Toral for working on this Emerging Influential Blogs Project for the 3rd year now, especially since this gives me a venue to share my thoughts about this ever changing environment. Before getting to my list, I want to also thank all those who have nominated THE ACCIDENTAL TEACHER in their own personal lists! This truly encourages me to keep on working hard to improve this site. With that said, here is my own list of blogs that I feel can be an emerging influential blog for 2009. I may, before the deadline, make changes here, so please don’t hold that against me!

1. Let’s Go Sago. Who doesn’t know Sago right? But more than the entertaining blog, I deeply respect and admire the man behind the blog. What I like best about his blog is that he is giving me a new-found interest in the great places to go in our country, from tourist spots to restos. Plus I love joining his contests too!

2. Project Fit. I have to say Chats’ fitness blog has been one of the most influential to me…so much so that I have started attempting to chronicle my own journey towards wellness. I suppose that is the epitome of influential, right?

3. Gain Smiles. Find a Hundred and Plus Reasons to Smile. A friend of mine started this project with a simple goal: to help people find reasons to smile. Reading the posts here will definitely make you want to smile too!

4. Style and Relax. I enjoy reading this blog because Lace always has fresh new ideas to offer her readers. I was even so enthralled by her niche I attempted to start a fashion blog for the plus sized person, but decided to leave the advice to the experts instead!

5. OFW Para Sa Pamilya. Given the OFW phenomenon that has truly changed the face of the Filipino Family, I see this blog as a common ground for all those who have made enormous sacrifices for their families by working abroad. The site not only features lives of OFW’s but also offers online support and resources for OFW’s.

Oops…apparently this didn’t make the date cut-off! In a small way, I’m glad because I came across a nice photoblog that is quite thought-provoking and inspirational. Dear Iago is a collection of love notes a mother writes to her little boy. Even though I am not Iago, I am taking some of the lessons Nobe gives her son and taking it with me.

6. Filipino Mom Blog. Parenting is by far the most underestimated and underpaid jobs ever on earth…I have to give kudos to these wonderful moms who not only make an effort to be the best moms they can be to their own kids but they also share their experiences and ideas to other moms so they too can be better at their jobs.

7. Framed in Sunlight. Photo blogs often capture (no pun intended) my attention. However, what I love about this photoblog is that aside from great photos and write ups, it always ends with a lesson in positivity. Of course, Teacher likes this!

8. Pinay Ads. For me, Pinay Ads is more than just info about the up and coming events and happenings in the metro. I also get to see a lot of tips and information about what to do and how to go about doing things around the city.

9. Patay Gutom. Much as I was iffy about this site because of the name (yes, for a plus sized person like me any not-so-nice term pertaining to food and eating can be a bit uncomfortable!) I’ve seen it’s influential power. Who hasn’t right? What I like best about the blog is it’s collaborative style of posting, thus allowing me to see different points of views from their authors.

10.  Of course….The Accidental Teacher. This is my attempt to be influential! Seriously, though, I honestly started this blog with the fervent hope of using my love for writing and fascination with blogging to bring awareness to causes and advocacies I believe in, as well as to help teachers and homeschooling parents through sharing my personal experiences.

This project was made possible by the following sponsors:  Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, Business Summaries, Fitness Advantage Club, Events and Corporate Video, Events at Work, Dominguez Marketing Communications, Red Mobile, Budget hotel in Makati, Lucio C. Tan Group of Companies, and Blog4Reviews.com.

For more details on the writing project, click here.

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Jun 15, 2009

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Be Flu-less not Clueless.

I love the information campaign by the De La Salle University! Today as we trooped back to schoo we were greeted by this Archer Smiley spreading the word about how we can try to protect ourselves from the increasing threat of the A(H1N1) virus.


photo from www.dlsu.edu.ph

From posters to buttons, these little smileys were all over the place. Too bad my classes weren’t till the afternoon, by that time I couldn’t get a cute pin anymore. I would have loved to put that here…so I settled for a screenshot of the DLSU banner.

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Jun 12, 2009

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“The world is now at the start of the 2009 influenza pandemic”

This was the statement issued by Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization.

It is a sobering statement. Many of us have read about past pandemics, such as the
Black Death or the Bubonic Plagues in the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries. However, I would think none of us expected to witness the evolution of a modern-day plague. The WHO points out that in the early stages of this pandemic, a moderate severity of the virus is foreseen. However, they are not closed to the idea that this may change as days go by. Nonetheless one thing I feel is reassuring is that despite all these facts, border closure and travel restrictions are not being enforced.

In the past 10 days I have been forced to stay home (at least for the most part) because of an A(H1N1) case in the institution I teach in. I have monitored the number of cases over the days and it is alarming to see the rise in cases. A lot of other schools have also fallen victim to the reach of this disease. When the DLSU quarantine began, I posted a question in one of my blogs asking if postponing the start of classes necessary. I suppose it’s not just a manner of postponing classes, because we can’t let this pandemic stop our lives completely. I beleive it is important to go back to the basics: proper hygene and good health practices.

For my first day of preschool classes I plan to teach 3 H’s (even if they may sound cliché):

1. Health is Wealth. This is such an old saying but I want my juniors class to begin to embrace this as fact. This will include my new rules for snack time: no “junk” food. I put junk in parenthesis because we often think junk is only limited to chips and soda. However, I feel that parents should avoid giving them sugar-filled cookies and the like on a daily basis. For this year, I will try to push for healthy snacks only: crackers, cereal,  and fruits. I would also suggest less tetra fruit drinks (as these are not REAL fruit anyway), but to alternate this with water, milk and less sugary drinks.

2.  Happy Hands are Clean Hands. Kids don’t often like washing their hands, even though they love playing with water! I want to try to make handwashing a real, honest-to-goodness habit in them. I also have put a timer beside the sink so this can guide the kids about how long they should “rub and scrub” their hands with soap and under the running water.

3. Hands Up!. One thing a lot of kids have to be reminded of is to put their hands up to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. I think even us adults on occasion need to be reminded! To make it more memorable for my kids, I’ll say “hands up!” instead of just simply “cover your mouth” because kids simply forget that!

These are my 3 H’s against A(H1N1) for my juniors class. Do you have any other suggestions that can help parents and teachers attempt to safeguard children against this pandemic? Feel free to post them here! Oh…and they don’t have to start with H!

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