The World is my Oyster.

I don’t think I’ve been mum about how much my world has changed since I discovered the blogosphere. It has enhanced my life in many aspects, as well as been detrimental on occasion. Nonetheless one big lesson I’ve takes from this thus far is that truly, the world is my oyster. In the past month I participated in a photo scavenger hunt and it was a blast! I loved how it made me see so many parts of the world with just a click of a mouse. In the same way, as I scoured the city for photos to submit, I was able to appreciate the beauty (or perhaps lack of it) in my own neck of the woods.

This project gave me a brilliant idea for a  project that I plan to undertake as soon as classes begin, both for the  preschoolers I teach and the undergraduate students as well.

Let me share my idea so perhaps other teachers and homeschooling parents can use this idea as well!

For my preschoolers, I plan to do an shape, or maybe an alphabet, scavenger hunt. With their moms and dads,  the kids will hunt for objects that show these shapes or letters. They then take photos of it and share these by burning it in a cd. Or maybe they can collect it and bring it in for show and tell.  I bet this would be a lot of fun for the kids!

Should you decide to do this in your classes or perhaps with your kids in homeschool, do share it with me by posting it on your blog then leaving a link in the comment section, okay? I’d love to see what you guys hunted!

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