Jul 28, 2009

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Explore Science at the Nido Science Discovery Center

Did you know that many of the important discoveries and inventions that make our lives simpler, easier and better were created by Filipino scientists? Among them are Dr. Abelardo Aguilar who discovered erythromycin and Agapito Flores who discovered the florescent lamp. Sadly, however, these scientists are not always credited in the scientific journals and the like. Sometimes, it appears that we do not have the resources to further these ideas, thus these are left as just that: ideas until someone from a more developed country can expound studies on these things.

It’s nice to know, however, that nowadays, the Filipino is making a name in the fields of science and engineering. Remember that solar car project by students of the De La Salle University named Sinag? And just recently, students of the Philippine Science High School impressed the world with their robotics projects.

Further, it is encouraging to note that there is a major effort to furthering science discovery in our country. Last July 20-26,  the Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center in Mall of Asia joined the Department of Science and Technology in celebrating National Science Week.  Several lecture workshops were held to help kids become better learners.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the celebrations but I am quite interested in attending one of the lecture workshops slated on August 1 about creating Mind Maps. Being a teacher in the transformative learning pedagogy, I believe this will be quite helpful for me.

Mind Maps aim to help children (and adults as well) organize thoughts and understand concepts better. This technique was developed by Tony Buzan. These workshops will help teach participants how to create a Mind Map that can help one make notes to retain important information in a fun way. Also, it can help simplify, explain and organize ideas and concepts.

For more details and/or to register please call the following numbers 813-2732/03 and 830-2191

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