Aug 19, 2009

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Family Fun Time.

It’s right around that time when students are bombarded with their quarterly examinations and completion of first quarter requirements. It definitely is a stressful time for both kids and moms alike. While some parents capitalize on the weekends to catch up on lessons and do some advanced reading, I am a firm believer in keeping weekends fun family bonding time.

In my many years of teaching, I have noticed how different school work has become. It seems that children are expected to learn so much more in shorter amounts of time. Sometimes I am shocked at the concepts being discussed as early as the first grade. Also, kids seem to need more tutoring and academic support, as compared to how it was when I was younger. This deserves it’s own blog post in the future, but for now, I’d like to focus on this: spend weekends for fun.

Taking the kids to the park or the mall, watching a movie, or playing boardgames at home as a family, for example, does not necessarily have to be just a “fun” experience. These can be venues for lifelong learning of important life skills.

Speaking of having family fun time, this Saturday, August 22, Skecher’s is sponsoring Sky Cable’s Kids Play Day 2 at the Rockwell Tent from 1pm to 5pm. Games and activities are in store for kids of all ages. Cool prizes await lucky winners of the various games, including the Skechers Kids “Tie Your Shoelace” stage game. 

This exciting event is exclusive for Sky Cable Subscribers.  Reserve your invites by calling 631-0000 from 10 AM to 7 PM.* Reservation starts at 12:30 PM where seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Aug 13, 2009

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And the Pampered Princess is…

Thank you to those who joined (and wanted to join but complained about the distance of the spa!) my latest contest sponsored by Caprichosa Spa.

Congratulations to TweensyWeensy who’s dream of a yoga and cocktails spa party wowed the judge, Ms. Lily-an Padilla, the spa’s managing partner. Tweensy’s vision of the perfect spa party is “…if a Yoga session can be facilitated to help calm us down and prep us for the aromatheraputic foot spa and massage. I picture us watching the uber cheesy “He’s Just Not That Into You,” while my friends have their minty foot spa or get their nails done. Since I don’t like people fiddling with my nails, I’d rather indulge in my full body massage. A party aint a party without cocktails! I’d like our party to have a cocktail area set up on one side of the room where chilled pinacolada and margarita will be served. And for my friends who at least try to live clean, it would be nice to have coffee, tea and milk served as well”.

Congratulations TweensyWeensy! Please watch out for my email with the details on how you can claim your FULL BODY MASSAGE :-)

Till the next contest!!!!

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Aug 10, 2009

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Two Sides of a Coin.

At one point in time, I was proud to hail from a country that has had the distinct pleasure of having two women presidents, both having toppled misguided leaders through People Power. However, as our present presidents reign began, that pride slowly lessened until it became pure disgust. From one anomaly to another, the president has truly taken away any pride I felt about having two women leaders.

In the past two weeks, our country has been shown the stark contrasts of our two women leaders: one the well-loved, honorable and respected icon of democracy, and the other, the questionable leader suspected of lying and cheating (remember the “Hello, Garci” controversy and how she “changed her mind” about not running in the past election). Truly two sides of a coin.

As the nation mourned the loss of undoubtedly one of the greatest leaders the Philippines has known, reports from the New York post revealed that our president spent almost a million pesos on a dinner at one of the expensive Le Cirque restaurant in New York City. In various blogs, social networking sites, and even micro-blogging sites, this scandalous dinner made headlines. What stark differences between our humble people-serving president Cory and our self-indulgent GMA.

While the palace may claim that a congressman paid the tab for the dinner, it still is a great disservice to our country. Granted the congressman may have the money to spare, let us not forget he still is a congressman, sworn to, as stated in our Constitution, lead a modest life.

The fact that our government officials (where ever that money came from) lavishly splurged on a million peso meal while our country is deep in debt is truly distasteful. The timing of the merrymaking and celebration, given that even President Arroyo declared a 10-day national mourning period in honor of President Aquino, was the proverbial icing on top of the cake.

This extravagant dinner is only the latest of a series of questionable acts and deeds our President has been involved in.

This has stirred up in me a more fervent desire to not be apathetic to our country’s history and to the state of our nation. With that in mind, I will make it a point to be counted in the next elections, and to be counted well.

For me to really be able to say I AM PROUD TO BE FILIPINO, I must take it upon me to be more proactive in making change happen. As a teacher, a step I will undertake is to appeal to my undergraduate students to not only register for the 2010 elections, but to also arm themselves with information so they can make the best choice for our country’s future. Much as it is difficult to remain hopeful about the way our government will run, I will try to still hold on fervently to that ray of hope our beloved Cory and Ninoy gave their lives for.

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Aug 1, 2009

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Farewell, Tita Cory.

Today the Philippine Nation and the rest of the world mourns the loss of the country’s icon of democracy and symbol of peace, former President Corazon C. Aquino, who passed away at 3:18 on August 1, 2009 after a long battle with cancer.

I was only 7 years old when the former president waged the reknowned bloodless People Power Revolution. I did not really understand much of what was happening back then, but as my family tells me, that was one of the most amazing times in our country’s history.

From a simple housewife to the first female president of the country, Cory Aquino was an inspiration to many women in the world. Often dressed in yellow, she became a symbol of an empowered woman.

Though she was no longer in power, she remained faithful in service to the Philippines. She was always a pillar of strength and faith to the nation who continued and still continues to struggle for justice, equality and peace.

Farewell, Tita Cory. Thank you for being an incredible woman for our country. Rest in Peace with our great Lord, who, undoubtedly, will welcome you with open arms.

photo credits: Lilen Uy, taken from http://www.pcij.org/i-report/edsa20/cory-aquino.html

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