Green Eggs and Ham Story Stretchers

One of my favorite beginning reading books in class is the infamous Dr. Seuss story Green Eggs and Ham. Even though it doesn’t really tell a story per se, it’s a fun read. I use the story a lot when trying to teach position words or spatial concepts. It’s a great way for me to also build the kids’ vocabularies.

The story doesn’t end there, though. More often than not, I make sure I find a way to stretch my stories to other learning areas. For the story Green Eggs and Ham, here are a few of my favorite story stretchers:

1. Yummy Green Eggs and Spam

For a fun cooking activity, prepare scrambled eggs with the kids! To make it green, add a few drops of green food coloring. Add in some chopped Spam (or sweet ham if you’d prefer) and some grated cheese to make it yummier. The activity helps teach sequencing, rote counting and similar math skills. Save the egg shells for an art activity.

2. Our Green Eggs and Spam Story

Prepare a sheet of paper with a big box drawn on the upper part of the page and several lines underneath it. Have the children draw a picture about where they would like to eat their Green Eggs and Ham. For the independent writers, let them write the story in the lines provided. If not, have them recite it to you. If you do this after the cooking activity, ask them how they liked it and let that be the theme for drawing.

3. Green Egg Mosaic

Have the children decorate a shape/picture with eggshells that have been dyed green.

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