MTV Emerge

MTV Emerge offers talented young Filipinos a new and exciting opportunity to hone their craft. By simply registering and uploading their profiles, photos and original music to the official site during the submission period, these future music legends have to chance to be voted as one of the 7 emerging bands which will win a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music, mentorship under Black Eyed Peas’ star and fellow Pinoy Apl.d.Ap. More than just the contract is a package that will help them break into both local and foreign music scenes. ThisĀ  includes artist management and promotion, digital distribution of 3-6 songs and a strategic marketing plan to help them become the next music stars from the Philippines.

ThisĀ  Jeepney Music, and Department of Tourism collaboration is definitely a wonderful opportunity for young dreamers of the Philippines. Through this venture, the winners will have so many opportunities for learning that they will not find in any classroom or university, even if they take music as their major. In many ways, this is the epitome of what learning from outside the four walls of a classroom is, right?

I have a few favorites who are in the running for the chance to win the grand prize. It sure is difficult to pick just one to vote for but one that I personally voted for is that of Rapnophobia, entitled God Bless Philippines. This young group does have a lot of talent!

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