Nov 15, 2009

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My Teacher of Life’s Important Lessons.

Many of life’s important lessons were taught to me by the most uncanny teacher.

In my wildest imagination, I would not have imagined how much I have grown and become a better person since he came into my life. To be honest, when he first came, I was not interested. I tried not to be attracted. I fought hard not to fall for him but try as I might, he was just too charming not to fall in love with. When I finally allowed myself to love him, my life changed drastically.

Because of him I learned what it meant to be selfless. I used to tell my friends so proudly that I would never let anyone else dictate to me how or when to do things. I used to be proud of the fact that I did exactly what I wanted and I offered no apologies for it.  But when he came into my life, I started changing that. Whenever I make decisions now, I factor in how this affects him. Despite this, it is because of him that I appreciated the fact that being selfless does not mean not loving yourself, but doing both at the same time.

In him I saw what adoration meant. I never really had to do anything special to receive this, it was just there. In the same breath, he taught me that this is what unconditional love really is.

I learned to be more open-minded and accepting of others for who they really are. Because of him, I was able to let go of past judgments and irrational beliefs I held on to. In many ways, he makes me think outside the box and to try things in new ways.

He taught me to be forgiving and what letting go of anger means. Whenever I fail him or hurt him, a little cariño and a sorry is enough then all is forgotten.

He also taught me how to take a chance. For most of my life I had always been the one who’d bet only on the sure thing. I was the one who never took excessive risks and very seldom even accommodated calculated ones. But with him, all that went out the window and I just said why not.

But more than anything I think the most important lesson I’ve learned from him is that when there is love, that’s all that matters. No, I am not being cheesy here, nor have I gone all lovey-dovey. What I mean by this is that because there is love, real love that is, one can really overlook shortcomings, differences and inadequacies.  I sure have a lot of those and yet my Bubba loves me.

Yes, Bubba is a dog. I told you he was an uncanny teacher!


I just realized this isn’t the first time I’ve written about Bubba…he really has taught me so much since I got him. Here’s an excerpt of a post back in 2006. I had him for about a year then. READ THE FULL ENTRY HERE

When Bubba first came into our home, I said there was no way I was gonna like him. After all, I hate dogs….But as the days progressed, the little creature slowly worked his way into my heart. Much as I didn’t wanna admit it, it made me smile when he’d come running to the gate when I’d come home from a long day’s work. Whenever he’d do a trick I’d teach him, it made me feel a bit glad. Still, even with those minor concessions, I still wasn’t ready to admit I was smitten.

Then one night while we were taking a walk, I realized it was not really “Bubba” that I said I wouldn’t like. In many ways, I chose not to allow him into my heart because by doing so, I would set myself up for another goodbye somewhere down the road. I’ve had to say goodbye too many times in my life already, and I didn’t need another one. Why set myself up for the pain and sadness that ultimately comes in the end?…

Okay, okay, I begrudgingly admit it…I have fallen again. This time, I’m not afraid of making the mistake and of the hurt that may come along with it. Who knows, maybe this time, it wouldn’t end that way. And maybe, just maybe, I won’t be alone anymore. No matter what happens though, even if I ended up with a goodbye down the road, I wouldn’t be completely alone because of what I have gained along the way.

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  1. Very inspiring. Teachers really come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Nice post keep it up.

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