Mar 29, 2010

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My Right, Your Right, Our Right: Education for All

Education is a right.

However, for many, this may not feel like it. I am lucky I was born to a family that afforded me a good education, but not everybody is as lucky as me. But this does not mean they don’t deserve an education right?

In the radio this past week (I listen to AM stations most of the time whenever I am heading to school), I heard countless tales of the sad plight of education in our country. I heard how some very deserving students suddenly found themselves stripped of honors they should have received if not only for the fact that their parents could not afford to settle tuition dues. I heard stories of how some were not able to attend their graduation rites because of the fees being charged for it.

Yes, education is a right..or is it really?

Presently, quality education seems to no longer be accessible for all. While I may understand why education in a private institution can cost quite a lot, I also know that things can be done in the national level to help control these costs, especially for national universities. However, the money that should be going to quality education ends up in pockets that do not deserve them. It’s a shame that the government cannot allocate the budget that education sector deserves.  Sometimes it feels like only the private sector or citizens like our CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida and his team make clear strides towards making quality education accessible to all.

Just because education is a right, though, it doesn’t mean that you have to be ungrateful, irrational or violent about not receiving this right fully. While I fully understand where the students from PUP were coming from this past week when it came to their rallying and fighting for the education they deserve, I was disheartened by news of the violent protest that ensued. It saddened me that they felt they had to resort to burning the school equipment to prove their point. I have taken part in my fair share of protests and demonstrations but I still believe that violence will not solve anything. At the end of the day, I feel that instead of making a positive impact to the situation, it became an even more complicated one because now there are less resources available for the students.

As a teacher, I personally feel how education is not given the credit it definitely deserves. I will not deny that comparatively, the institution I work for pays me well. However, if I compare this to other countries or other types of industries, its not much. Sometimes, it makes me really think about why I still teach in the Philippines. Whenever I see Facebook updates about my fellow graduates from FLCD who are teaching in the US, I think about finally taking the plunge and making a good living for myself there. However, I still stay. Why? Because I still believe the Filipinos need teachers to stay.

As we approach the 2010 National Elections, campaign promises are being made left and right, and education is in the thick of it. I hope that finally, the next government can finally allocate a decent budget that will allow our millions of Filipinos to claim their right to education.

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Mar 21, 2010

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If I weren’t a teacher….

If I were not a teacher, I would probably be a writer or be in media. Even though I am painfully shy (yes, I am!) my mom used to say I was very “showbiz” as a child. If I’d look for a job in that field, I’d probably explore Singapore public relations with Newsline Communications or consultancy with one of the local PR firms I get to interact with in blogger events. I could also look into training and development, whether locally or abroad.

Seriously though, I still like being a teacher a lot, which is why even though I believe I can do well in public relations I still choose to stay as what I am. I guess to some degree, teaching, especially young kids, is much like PR, just a different kind. I have to sell the idea of things kids don’t really like, such as vegetable and doctors’ visits and make them seem exciting and fun. In the adult world, public relations is still the same right? We try to get people interested in products and services by generating buzz and making these seem exciting and fun. I think there’s a difference though between simply generating buzz or gaining publicity to establishing a public presence. PR companies, I’d think, are not just there to publicize things but to care for your name, products and services.  To know more, read the article on public relations and click here for services. Like teaching, I don’t kids to just get excited about the idea of things, but I want them to learn these things and establish life-long connections to these concepts and ideas. So, I guess I’m still into PR after all…just in a different light. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Mar 19, 2010

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Teacher Ria’s SHOE Story

Before I begin, let me say it’s been a while since I stopped and tried to see the positives in my day-to-day life. Earlier this year, I had attempted to start a photo Project 365 that focused on finding the silver lining to everyday but since I’ve gotten so busy, I haven’t really had time to do so. Thankfully, as an added bonus for her contest, Earth encouraged her readers to take a look at their SHOEs for the day. What are SHOEs? These are your Seven Heaven on Earth, or seven things, events, places or whatever that you appreciate. No matter how small or big, it’s important to be grateful and to honor them, right?

So thanks Earth for reminding me to do this! And so, here are my SHOES:

1. I am grateful for the successful school year that had just finished. I enjoyed my days with the kids a lot, and despite some difficulties along the way, they all showed good progress and for those who are of age already, they made it to the big schools!
playschool 202

2. My third article for www.thepoc.net came out today :-) It was an article on addiction and I enjoyed trying to capture the shot that was used for the article. Oh….those are all vitamins, fyi! Well, except for the blue one, which is a night time over-the-counter sleep aid.
3. I am grateful for the summer. I love how I don’t have to wake up so early everyday and I am looking forward to the rest and relaxation summer brings. I was lucky to have some early summer getaways but hopefully soon, I can take a longer and more relaxing trip soon!
cebu-coron 2010 370

4. I am especially happy that both my brother and my Bubba are okay. Last week was a truly tumultuous week as Tuesday saw Bubba with a sprained paw and JJ, my brother, figured in a tricycle accident on Thursday.They’re both doing great now and thankfully, there’s no major problems or concerns with them both.

5. A good night’s sleep! If there is one thing I miss a lot, it’s sleeping in and not having to wake up with the blaring alarm clock. I am so grateful for that today!

assorted pics 031

6. My WIFI router! This was purchased from winnings in a contest I won a few months back and since I got it, it has definitely made me very happy. That and Cerise, my Nokia E63 :-)

moving up 002

7. My 7th SHOE is blog contests :-) Though I don’t win all the contests I join, it’s a fun and entertaining past time. And when I do win, the thrill is just….awesome! Just yesterday I received the great news that I won a Starbucks 2010 Clean and Green Tumbler! Woot!

Snapshot 2010-03-14 15-29-43

what about you, what are your SHOEs?

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