May 2, 2010

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Rules are NOT Meant to be Broken

One of the things I most struggle with everyday is reconciling the fact that while many rules may seem irrelevant and at times, illogical, and the need to follow these rules.

My own sister often uses that as a weapon against me when we fight. She calls me a ‘goody-two-shoes’. However, while most people are okay with bending the rules, I still find it very difficult to do so. Let’s take driving rules for example. It really bothers me when people, especially motorcycles, continue to go forward even though there is a red light in front of them. For others, they rationalize that there’s no oncoming traffic anyway. I try my best to follow these rules even though it inconveniences me, but it’s hard to stick to it when every one else does not follow!

Another pet peeve of mine would be when people park by someone elses driveway. While that may not be a written rule, it is a basic social rule that should not need to be taught. Frustrating, right?!?

I think we would all live in a much better world if we all just try to follow rules a little better and remember, no matter how irrational it is, there must be a reason for it :-)

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  1. echertweena says:

    Another pet peeve of mine would be when people park by someone elses driveway. — i remember, i almost argued with pat’s neighbors when they parked their car in front of pat’s driveway. they saw us when we arrived. and DEADMA. and pat, being the kind and considerate one, just let them and parked his car near their house instead. pfft.

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