Jun 27, 2010

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Theives among us

When I was a preschooler, I stole a red crayon. I will always remember how I had gotten caught with that elicit crayon and how I got a bad spanking for it. Not only that, I got a pretty long time out for it. Back then, I wasn’t really aware that taking things that weren’t mine was bad. After that incident, however, I knew better than to take things that were not mine.

Nowadays, students (as well as other people around)  in schools steal more than just crayons. Just last week, we received a memo in the school warning us about keeping our things safe, even inside our offices. Apparently, a department near us had an incident wherein someone’s laptop and other things had gotten stolen.

I guess because it’s our workspace, we take for granted that things are safe, but this incident served as a reminder to me to be more cautious, especially given how difficult times are now so many resort to stealing to make ends meet. It worries me sometimes because I am the type of teacher who cannot leave home without my laptop. I’ve actually thought about getting a laptop insurance policy, but I figured more than losing the actual laptop, it’s the data in it that matters most. Because of that, I started backing up all my files and making sure that I have equipment and gear that can keep my gadgets secure.  Also, I took down the serial number of my gadgets so in case of anything, I can have something to trace it with. Honestly, because of the incident, I began to appreciate the tiresome task of getting a laptop pass when we enter school!!!

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  1. I share the same sentiment, a laptop insurance would be handy but it would just break my heart if I lose all the data and not to mention treasured memories stored in my laptop.

  2. Sis, reading this post made me think. A few weeks ago my laptop was giving me a Low Internal Memory message and it hoenstly was a headache. Thanks to those techie forums that I was able to resolve the problem. So now, am convinced, am buying a portable hard drive for my files. Yes, losing the laptop is painful but losing all the data in it is worst.

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