Jul 30, 2010

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Cooking days are the bestest days, Teacher!

My kids love cooking activities. Be it something as simple as microwaving popcorn or something more complicated like making vegetable soup, the kids have a blast. Last week we had egg sandwiches and the kids were just ecstatic about it!

I like using these cooking activities as story stretchers, such as what I shared with my Green Eggs and Ham Story stretcher. Other ideas include:

vegetable soup for the story Stone Soup

pigs in a blanket for The Three Little Pigs

caramel apples for Ten Apples Up on Top or The Giving Tree

alphabet soup for Chikka Chikka Boom Boom

Not only do the kids learn a lot from these activities, its a lot of f too! So fire up that stove, bring out your electric grills and clean up that microwave and let the kids get cooking!

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