Jul 27, 2010

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Ideas That Change

What’s the most resilient parasite? An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules. – Cobb, Inception

As the quote from one of the biggest blockbusters this year, Inception, goes, an idea can really change lives. This year, Unilab encourages us all to look into ourselves and find our own “parasites” to effect positive change. Even a small idea may cause big changes, especially with the Filipino Youth.

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Launched in June The Unilab Youth Camp for Change is an idea-generation camp and competition for college students that aims to

inspire fresh, developmental, and research-based social marketing initiatives that promote and advance health and wellness at the community level.

Now, Unilab pushes the envelope further with a simple little contest for you, my dear readers!

Simply answer this question by leaving a comment at the end of this post:

Q: If you were given a chance to do one good thing to improve the health and wellness situation in a community, what would it be and why? Your idea can be as simple as improving the drainage system to dramatically alleviate the cases of leptospirosis in your community or as grand as building an entire city hospital to address the health needs of your community.

The entries will be judged by Unilab and other media outlet. Five winners will take home two Unilab gift packs each.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave me your comments now! Let your ideas grow! Contest will run from July 27, 2010 to August 6, 2010. UPDATE: prizes will be claimed personally by winners via meet-up :-)

Also, all college students are invited to join Ideas Positive: The Unilab Youth Camp for Change. You and your friends can channel your ideas in helping your chosen community through this program. The winning group can see their idea come to life with a P100,000 seed money plus a 3-day, 2-night all-expense paid trip to Boracay. For more information, visit www.ideaspositive.com.

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  1. My idea would be simple. And that is my plead to each and everyone who cares – to keep right. It is a simple statement that seem too heavy to obey.

    Just this morning as I walk toward our office, I pass by the streets with a number of smokers. Most of them doing their bad habit right beside the No Smoking sign. If only they know how to keep right – to not smoke on the areas where it is prohibited. No one would be in danger of any illness that could be brought about by second hand smokes.

    Another perfect awakening would be the floods we were experiencing every time heavy rains visit our land. These floods could have been prohibited together with the illnesses these floods could bring IF ONLY we keep right. Throw our garbage on its proper places – segregate.

    In my own way, I am practicing it – to keep right. I know I cannot do a huge project for the community. But I know I can do a small initiative within me – and hope to influence a little to the persons I meet in my lifetime.

    Whatever you do, just KEEP RIGHT.

    • Teacher Ria says:

      i agree with you minnie! yes, we all can make a difference just by keeping it right! every little step counts

  2. business chick says:

    I can suggest that every household can collect bottles at home. Start waste segregation. Eventually sell the bottles and papers at junk shops. this would be a very big help to the whole community as they lessen the trash. they are also able to generate extra income.

    • Teacher Ria says:

      i agree :-) small things add up and yes, if we get something in return, such as extra cash, why not, diba?

  3. If given a chance, maybe it would be information campaign through a “Community Health Teachings” since Im a nurse I can do that and maybe ask my fellow nurses to at least do it once in a while.Because it will give them information or knowledge about their health and wellness.For instance information about prevention on possible health problems,management of their family’s everyday life and also the health guides that they can do/used to have a healthy lifestyle. I think this is the good thing that I can do to improve the health and wellness situation in a community.

  4. Klareesse Carpena says:

    If i will be given the opportunity to address the health and wellness of a community, i would suggest a health education and application class especially for the mothers. As we all know, mothers do everything for their family, how would they know if what they are giving to their children is right or wrong that’s why a health awareness education and application for mothers and other interested could be part of this. Along with a campaign of planting at least a vegetative plant in their surroundings, why? Having this vegetative plants they don’t have to worry hat to eat if they don’t have money in their pockets. And lastly i would like to recommend a livelihood project where in it will be self sustaining, meaning to say their fund that will be utilize in the workshop in acquiring the necessary skills will be coming from recyclable materials that later on they will sell it.This is like hitting so many birds with just one stone. With this ideas, we address first the poverty which is one of the roots of malnourished persons and also we help our mother nature.

    • Teacher Ria says:

      this is a great idea! i do agree that projects should be self-sustaining and should start from the root of issues, that way it can truly materialize and live to fruition

  5. If I were given a chance to do one good thing to improve the health and wellness situation in a community, what would it be and why? I will start a small sport clinic for kids and teach then new sport. Start a sport community in our Barangay. A runners group or badminton group and start teaching/talking about the value of health and wellness to all of the members. Hoping they will pass it to their love ones to spread the awareness.

    • Teacher Ria says:

      i like this idea! a sports program goes beyond just health and wellness too, it promotes social and emotional development as well :-)

  6. erica yu-b says:

    people can be “tamad” when it comes to segregating or doin’ something for the community. let’s face it, THAT is the real problem. i think we can make these people move by giving out rewards when they did something for their community. or something like exchange garbage for money/food or the most outstanding barangay will be featured on tv or something like that. something that will make these people leave “lazyville”.teachings in schools and in barangays will definitely help also. it’s not that hard if we held hands together and stand as one.

  7. Question:
    If you were given a chance to do one good thing to improve the health and wellness situation in a community, what would it be and why?

    My answer:
    Information Empowerment Project
    Provide a venue for knowledge w/c includes:
    1) List of diseases that affected that community, includes # of people affected in that community
    2) Vaccines available for that diseases and where they could get them
    3) tips on how to prevent those kinds of diseases
    4) list of wellness activities available for the activity for a healthier life
    5) scorecard to measure the success of the project


  8. April Grace Lacson says:

    I am in my 20′s now and I wouldn’t deny that I have become conscious of my weight that also affects my health.As a young woman, I often meet older women and can’t stop to look at their unfit bodies which is either too fat or too thin, which makes them unhealthy.My concern recently has been for those overweight women and men as well who are at risk of so much diseases which is probably due to unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

    I want to hold a project which will help overweight women and men be oriented on how to have healthier bodies. A weekly seminar especially for the poverty-stricken areas is what I would like to hold. The seminar would consist not only about information on proper diet but will also include a series of exercise regimen which can vary per session ( yoga for the first week and aerobics for the next one), which can give them ideas on how to be fit without spending a lot of money. Pharmaceutical companies can also take part in this endeavor by conducting free clinics in the areas which can help them know if they are at risk of certain diseases.

  9. If I will be given a chance to do one good thing to improve the health and wellness situation in my community, I will build a big and well-equipped animal shelter. This loving home will be managed by dedicated persons that crave for change in their own simple ways. I believe that human and animals should have a harmonious relationship or co-exist in a healthy environment. It is a known fact that stray dogs and cats harbor diseases as well as danger to the people through their possibly rabid bites. Most people show aversion toward these creatures. If a good and highly-maintained place will keep them and control their population, people will be more aware of their importance to the society. They will eventually show affection, responsible pet ownership and better persons.

  10. “If you were given a chance to do one good thing to improve the health and wellness situation in a community, what would it be and why?”

    If I had enough funds and a dynamic group of people who could work with me, I’d organize a small team of writers and artists.

    The writers would write stories about typical but wrong health ideas, practices and myths (etc. second-hand smoke is not dangerous, being obese is healthy, using alcohol when a child has fever, etc.). On the other hand, the artists would either make a graphic book on those stories or if there were theater actors, maybe they can also devise a play.

    The stories must fit the comprehension ability of elementary students, and then maybe the books can be distributed for free and read in classrooms (maybe for P.E or homeroom class), or in health centers… or the play can be shown on school programs or in community events (ex. fiestas, community health day, etc.)

    I believe these would have long term effects on improving the overall health situation of everyone.

  11. My idea is very simple: put lots of durable trash cans around. People, kids and adults alike, throw trash on the streets because they can’t see a trash can around. I have observed this while waiting for my daughter at a nearby public school. There are plenty of candy wrappers and plastics thrown around because no trash can was in sight in the school grounds or in the gates. Then this afternoon it rained for 20 minutes and the street’s almost flooded because trash already made their way to the canals.

    By simply providing trash cans, we are giving people a reason not to just throw things on the streets. There’d be less worries during the rainy season and cleaning the streets won’t be such a burden to our public workers.

  12. Teacher Ria says:

    thank you all for joining! will send the entries to the sponsor now and update you as soon as I find out who the winners are!


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