Jul 21, 2010

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Laugh Trip Moments with the Seniors

In the past few days, we have been discussing the senses. It sure has been fun talking to the kids about their ideas of what things they can see, smell, taste, feel and hear are. A lot of funny moments sure come out of these discussions. For example:

Teacher Ria: Okay, who can tell me what we see when we look up at the sky?

Kid #1: The clouds, Teacher!

Kid #2: Mr. Sun, Teacher!

Kid #3: Teacher, where’s Superman? I can’t find him!

In talking about taste:

Teacher Ria: So, what part of our body helps us know what things taste like?

Children: Tongue!

Teacher Ria: Correct! With our tongues, we can taste sweet, salty, sour, bitter and even spicy stuff. Now lets play a guessing game. Can anyone tell me what a chocolate bar tastes like?

Kid#1: Sweet teacher!

Teacher Ria: Good job! Now lets try this. What about a calamansi (Philippine lemon)?

Kid #2: Asim, Teacher. (Sour, Teacher)

Teacher Ria: Great! What about ampalaya?

Kid #3: Bitter.

Teacher Ria: Correct again! Very good guys. Now…this is tricky…let’s try this one. What does rice taste like (hmmm….no particular taste right?)

After carefully pondering over it. Child #4: I know, Teacher!

Teacher Ria: What?

Child #4: It’s yummy Teacher!

Hmmm….that’s right I guess!

This one I don’t know is laughable or what:

Kid: Teacher, what’s that? (pointing to my face)

Teacher Ria: What’s what?

Kid: There’s black-black on your face. And dots too. (referring to lines on my forehead and my freckles)

Gee….I guess I need to invest in some wrinkle cream and good foundation too!!!

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