Aug 6, 2010

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The Seniors Tie Dye Project

For our discussion on clothing (as part of how we take care of our body) and colors, I decided to let the kids experiment on tie dying this week :-) I started out the week with a discussion on primary and secondary colors, particularly how primary colors can mix together to make a new color. Since then my kids have been calling red, blue and yellow “magic colors” because they can become something else when mixed.

We also discussed the different types of clothing we wear and for what purpose (i.e. raincoats, aprons, gloves, socks, costumes and so on and so forth :-) )

For a culminating activity, we made rainbow shirts!

The kids had a blast! So did teacher :-) I was a bit worried at first about how this would have turned out, mainly because my past experiences with these activities were not very good. Luckily, my partner, Teacher Joy, had experience in this and did great in mixing the dye. I usually put too much water and I used to use vinegar instead of salt in the mixture. Plus I used to “cook” the shirts. Apparently, that was wrong! Haha!

This time, what we did was to prepare the different colors of dye then tie up the shirt and dye it section by section. Plus I squeezed out the excess dye before moving to the next color. Success! For the shirts that kinda had extra white spaces on it, we decided to use the stampers to add some flair :-)

Again, the kids exclaimed “this was the bestest day ever, Teacher!”

We did the shirts yesterday and today, before heading home, we tried it on!

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  1. Aw. Great job, Ria! Must share steps on how to tie-dye the right way! Share! Share! Hehehe

    • Teacher Ria says:

      thanks kaye :-) super easy lang! just follow the instructions in the pack of venus dye, add some salt, then make sure you dip the shirt by section, trying not to let the colors merge together.

      on hindsight, i should have taken step by step photos! i’ll try to write a post about the instructions soon :-0

    • hi po..meron na po ba kayong pinost na instructions nitong tie dye?and the amount of water to use in dissolving the dye? heheh..please share..Thanks! :)

      • Teacher Ria says:

        hi there, je. thanks for dropping by. i just follow the instructions in the packet of dye :) good luck!

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