Sep 19, 2010

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Got Milk?

A few days ago my kids and I got into a discussion about drinking from a bottle. One of my four-year olds said he still drinks from a bottle at night, and I said that maybe he could try drinking in a glass instead. He said it was just for bedtime because he still drinks milk before sleeping. Over the course of our discussion, we began talking about why bottle feeding at their age should not be done anymore, but I was not too forceful with the issue, especially since as a psychologist, I know that this is really a stage of oral development and making too much of an issue of it can cause problems in the future. Anyway, at the end he goes, Okay, Teacher, I’ll drink my milk before I brush my teeth instead. Yay!

Since we were talking about milk already, I decided to spin off the lesson to talk about other sources of milk products, especially since one of the other kids said she doesn’t like milk. We talked about how ice cream, for example, could be a good source of milk for them. We talked about why it was important for them and how it is a rich source of calcium which is important for building strong bones in their bodies. I told them that they should make it a point to have some milk (and other calcium rich food) daily because this will ensure their health in the future. I told them that even I had to take in some of these things so I can continue to be strong and healthy and so I could still carry them around and horse around like we do in class, but that sometimes,  grown-ups take their “milk”  in the form of calcium supplements, which in turn led to a whole new discussion on vitamins and other medications they find in their homes and how they should not take them unless their parents give it to them.

I enjoyed our Circle Time a lot that day and even though it threw off my entire lesson plan for the day, seeing the discussion that ensued made it all so worthwhile :-)

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