Sep 22, 2010

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Picking the Right Sized Snacks for Preschoolers

kiddie size me please!

In my twelve years of teaching, I have seen all sizes and shapes of snacks. One thing that has always been true, however, is that no matter what size or shape they came in, they were always too much for my little kids, especially when they were in the toddlers class.

Finally, one day, I saw this pop out of my kids’ lunchbox.

Yup, a teeny-tiny box of chocolate milk. It may not be too obvious in this photo (it didn’t occur to me to take the shot next to a regular sized one to highlight the difference :-) )but finally, someone made the size just right for the kids! I really hate how most of them end up throwing away over half of their juice or milk during snack time because they cannot finish it! The bigger sizes may be appropriate for grades choolers or the seniors class for that matter, but the littlest ones, I don’t think so!

This, on the other hand, is simply perfect :-)

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  1. I have been a fan of Magnolia products. I guess I will not think twice to introduce this to my future kids.

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