Sep 23, 2010

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Teacher’s Days Off

I hate having to take days off from work (yes, seriously!), particularly in the university I teach in. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a rest day, it’s just that it throws off my schedule a lot. Plus it is a little difficult to schedule make up classes given my busy, busy schedule.

However, these past two days I had to give in and take a couple of days off because I was terribly under the weather. Although I am feeling better than I had earlier, I am not yet my usual self. It things don’t look up, I may just go get myself checked. It’s a good thing my company has a good HMO (which I think is highly competitive and is quite comparative to even those abroad, such as that of Blue Cross NC) which allows me the luxury of medical care without really worrying much about costs and the like.

Much as I am the type of person who loves staying home and lounging in bed or working on my computer, I still love my job a lot, so having to take too much of a time out is not really sitting well with me anymore :-(

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