Thank You!

In anticipation of our upcoming Family Day activity next week, I am having my kids prepare thank you cards for their mommies, daddies, grannies or even nannies (whoever they want to make it for for that matter!). As I was preparing the materials this morning, I got to thinking about what who and what I am grateful for these past few months. I was suddenly reminded of the National Thank You Day celebration that Toblerone had last year, wherein I even held a contest in this blog sponsored by them.

And while Thank You Day is still weeks away, I still want to take this chance to say thank you to those that made this term especially meaningful. So as I close out the term (yes, grades included :-) ) let me just say thank you….

Thank you Abpsych students for making me laugh every meeting, even if you were always, always so kulit :-)

Thank you Psycho1 students for putting up with the technological challenges we had throughout the term…from the leaky roof, to the projector that wouldn’t project and the classroom without an aircon :-) And more so, for trying to convince me to teach Psycho2 so we can be in the same class again (although it didn’t work hahaha!)

Thank you LBYPSY class (lab class) for making every Tuesday afternoon a comedy of errors…both on your parts and mine. And yes, Kevs, Robbie, and Don, three times in a row is TOOO much :-)

Thank you PERSEF1 EW for giving me something to smile about always. Well, at least I think I was smiling.

Thank you Teacher Trina for being my lab partner :-) And for putting up with my weird moods and crazy ideas all the time! And for the car rides too….even if they did turn out…um….challenging every now and then.

Thank you Sir Robert for cheering me on with my¬† “Project Prettify Me”…and for trying to convince me to finish my thesis even though it makes me mad when you do :-) But best of all, thank you for recognizing that I am a good teacher, with or without my M.S. :-)

Thank you Teacher Pia for…well, where do I begin with this? I guess I can start it off with thank you for making that detour to the green school, even for a bit, because it changed my life in so many ways. More than you know, in fact :-) Thank you too for helping me find that spark of inspiration that I was starting to lose again and for reminding me to keep that little girl inside of me alive :-)

This list can go on for much longer, but I gotta get ready for class :-) But once more, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU :-)

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