Sep 22, 2010

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X-ing Out Cervical Cancer and Other Health Issues

Last year, I shared in this blog that for my 30th birthday, I got myself the gift of protection against Cervical Cancer. By opting to get the vaccination, I would like to believe that I made a stand against an illness that kills so many women yearly. It is sad that many women lose their lives to an illness that can be prevented, or treated for that matter if diagnosed early. More so, it is sad that if women (especially younger women and adolescents) are educated about these health concerns and issues that are related to one’s sexual decisions, they can make better choices. This goes beyond just cervical cancer, but other health concerns as well.

While abstinence is still key in protecting oneself from diseases, we cannot deny that many of the young people in our society (heck, even the not so young!) do not make the best choices when it comes to these things. I remember a made-for-tv movie once in the Hallmark channel about this issue and in that story, teenagers as young as 13 were infected with STD’s because of the highly promiscuous and under-informed environment they were in. Because they didn’t know better, they turned to fellow teenagers or various online sources to find answers. While some are valid and can give good information, such as treatments, prevention and natural cures for herpes and other similar diseases, there are those sites that are completely ridiculous and out of context.

At the end of the day, health care and disease prevention is a choice we all have to make. It is our responsibility, especially as the adults, to inform the younger generation of the right and appropriate choices for life.

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