Nov 27, 2010

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Balik sa Batibot!

Do you still remember Kiko Matsing and Pong Pagong? And Manang Bola with her bolang bilog and Ate Sienna? Yes, Batibot is making a comeback!!!

Batibot returns starting tomorrow at 8:30 am to be aired with our Kapatid network, TV5 :-)

Random bit of trivia: when I was a child, I actually auditioned for Batibot…yes, me :-) Oo, shy type ako. Mwahahaha. That would have been the start of my showbiz career. But…..fail. No, hindi ako nahiya but this is where the audition went downhill.

Casting Director: What’s your name?

Me: Ria.

CD: Do you like to sing and dance and act with the rest of the gang in Batibot?

Me: Oh yes!

CD: Okay, lets see nga. But wait, can you speak tagalog?

Me: Of course, po.

CD: Ay mabuti. So…anong pangalan mo?

Me: Um….yes po.

Parang beauty queen lang. Ktnxbai.

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Nov 25, 2010

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Toy Feature: Lincoln Logs

In our school, one of my favorite toys, yet most ignored by the kids, are Lincoln Logs. I love, love, love this toy set I tell ya! Sadly, our set is so old and unattractive to the kids (oh, and did I mention that it’s incomplete?!?), it hardly gets played with.

photo credit: http://kiddleylinks.com/2006/11/17/lincoln-logs/

I love this toy because it really taps into a child’s creativity. I also like the whole “rustic” feel of the toy, given that it is made of wood and most Lincoln Logs sets really come in just natural wood colors so it really allows the kids to just imagine. I like to how I can use these types of sets to see how my kids’ develop their logical reasoning skills as they try to construct their cabins and houses.

Another reason I really like this, on a more personal level, is the fact that I really like log cabins (or nipa huts for that matter!) filled with all sorts of heavy, wooden cabin furniture (much like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears teeeheeeheee)because it reminds me of summertime and camp and games I played as a child.

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Nov 23, 2010

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Dear Santa, Love Teacher Ria

Yesterday I had my kids write their letters to Santa. I do this every year and much as I’ve never really been a big fan of Christmas, this is something that always makes me smile. Since my kids are now in the Seniors class, I try to encourage them to work on writing by themselves, which includes spelling. Yes, they often misspell words because they still approach the task in a very phonetic manner and they have not mastered phonetic rules much, but I am one who places a lot of value on this part of the process: the invented spelling part.

Before I let them put their letters in envelopes, I discussed with them the different parts of a letter and what should go on the envelope. Because it was to be sent to Santa, I asked them where they would send the letters. And this is what they said:

Dear Santa....send to North Pole, Far far away

Cuuuutie right?!? Hehe. Oh, and can you figure out what this little girl wanted? :-)

As for Teacher Ria, this is what she would have said:

Dear Santa,

I’ve been so super good this year, but yes, I’ve had my moments so maybe I don’t deserve that iPad or iMac yet, but but but…that little red Sony VAIO P Series Pocket Style PC sure would make me soooo super happy. Please, please with a cherry on top? Okay? Thanks, Bye.


Teacher Ria

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Nov 23, 2010

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Where Would You Wanna Go?

I want to ride the airplane! I will go to....

While discussing the theme transportation, I overheard my students talking about where they would like to go if they could ride an airplane. Since they were so caught up in their conversation, I decided to have them make an activity out of it. I asked our other teacher to prepare some paper airplanes (errr….I seem to suck at paper folding haha) then I had the kids design their planes and we did a show and tell activity.

It was fun to hear their opinions and ideas about what it would be like to ride in a plane, and I was able to have some of the kids who have been on planes talk about their experiences. They described how it feels to have their tummies feel all funny during turbulence, how the clouds look when it’s right outside their windows, and one even so perfectly imitated the sound of one of the toilet flushing in those cramped bathrooms in airplanes.

Before they ended their turns, I asked them where they would like to go if they were on an airplane. As expected, the typical answer I got was “Hong Kong Disneyland” but here were some cute responses:

  • I will go to the province to visit my lola
  • I want to go to Japan because it’s snow (errr…that’s how she said it!)
  • We will ride the airplane and live in Canada in May (their family is relocating there soon)
  • I wanna ride the airplane and go to Africa because I wanna go on a safari and see the elephants and the zebras and the dinosaurs. Then Basti can come with me.
  • I will go to Daddy in Qatar (awwwww :) nice, right????)

but my biggest laugh came from this:

  • I wanna ride the airplane so I can go to SM with Mommy and Daddy. (ay kalayo man ng SM!!!!)

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Nov 21, 2010

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It’s The Happiest Day of the Year!

Oh no….I’m not talking about Christmas here….for people like me, Cyber Monday sure can beat Christmas as the happiest day of the year, teeeheeeheeee….

Being such a gadget enthusiast, I am sure looking forward to what great deals would be available then and yes, I have commissioned my dear sister to help me out with the shipping of things should it be better to have it shipped to her instead of directly to me. If I had an unlimited supply of free flowing cash to splurge with, I sure wouldn’t mind getting the following on Cyber Monday:

  • an iPad
  • a projector for school!
  • my dream machine: the iMac
  • the Sony cybershot camera with sweep panorama in 3D (errr…I forget the model right now mwahaha)
  • an LCD TV
  • an android phone

yes…Cyber Monday is the ♥. Now if only there was enough cash stocked up in my Paypal account teeeheeeheeee…

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