Nov 10, 2010

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Today’s Car Disaster

When I first bought my car, my mom jokingly said: I bet in about a week’s time,  the backseat will be full of your stuff again. Um…she was right…sort off! It did take about two years for me to be more careless about it, but yes, my backseat kinda resembles a disaster area more often than not. It’s full of manila papers, test papers, Ziplock bags full of crayons and markers, shoe bags/boxes and other stuff that I use for my many jobs and don’t have time to take in and out of the house on a daily basis. Oh…and since Bubba (my lab) loves going on car rides, the seats are usually full of his fur! That’s why as much as I hate the seat covers that came with the car (it’s too plain and I don’t like the material very much) and while I prefer the actual upholstery of the seats, I still keep it on.

Well, today I discovered a slight disaster in my car seats….it seems that I failed to close the bag of crayons well and a few fell into the seat and because I parked outside the house where it was soooooo hot, the crayon kinda melted. Yep…I have melted crayons on my seat covers. Believe me…it’s so hard to remove!!! This is one of those times I wish I had leatherette seat covers instead (even though it’s not as “classy” and cute as other materials!) because it sure will be a lot easier to clean after accidents such as this!

Seriously though, I think this was a reminder to me that my car…it’s not my classroom! Hehe. So today, I got one of those plastic crate things and put all the school supplies in it and tucked it in my trunk instead :-)

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