Nov 19, 2010

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Today With The Seniors…

One thing I love about working with kids is the fact that no matter how stressed I am and how caught up in so many other things I get, I am able to find something to laugh about (or perhaps think about at times) when I’m with them.  Today, we were talking about Christmas and I couldn’t help but laugh at this exchange:

Basti: Teacher, I want a Power Ranger (something…I can’t remember what his word was!!!) for Christmas. What about you, what do you want for Christmas.

Teacher: Hmmm….I don’t really know yet.

Basti: C’mon, Teacher, you can do it. What do you want. I will give you for Christmas.

Teacher: errrr….hmmmm…a big hug?

Basti: uh….a hug? That’s it? (looked perplexed)

Teacher: yes, that would be great.

Bastu: but Teacher, how will Santa bring that to you???

Teeeheeeheee :) Really random, but it made me smile :)

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