Dec 8, 2010

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Drawing the Line at “Playing Dress Up”

Let's Play Dress Up!

The other day, Bubba and I took a little trip to Bonifacio High Street. While we were walking around, we came across this little girl dressed in a short frilly skirt, a tank top with spaghetti straps, and heels. YES HEELS. She was about three or four years old. HEELS! errr….

In my school, I have come across several of those heels already and every time I see them, it kinda freaks me out. I mean, I know as a child I liked putting on my mom’s high heels and dressing in them but I never imagined having them in my size. When my kids wear their heels to school, I send home notes that I don’t want to see them because one, it’s inappropriate for class activities and two, it’s such a hazard I tell ya! It’s bad enough I have to deal with shoelaces and buttons that the kids can’t manage, but this?!? Oh geee.

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