Jan 19, 2011

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Random Moments of Flattery

Warning: this is an All About Miss Ria post :) Haha.

Among the things I like about teaching in the undergrad are random moments of flattery from my students, whether they are aware of it or not. It always makes me feel good about my choice of profession, even though it is often times quite difficult.

Things I have loved hearing (or overhearing for that matter) include:

  • Oh, Miss, your cologne smells so nice (as I walk by :))
  • How cool is this assignment? :) weee….
  • How cute naman your outfit Miss!
  • Miss, that whole metaphor thing…amazing (oooh…they actually listen!)
  • On the elevators
    • Student 1: Who’s the prof for that subject?
    • Student 2: I don’t know who to pick nga e, Tirazona or (names of other prof)
    • Student 1: Oh, go pick Tirazona, she’s so fun! :)
  • While standing by the window waiting for the projector to light up, I was facing out, back turned to the students and then one goes.. “Wow Miss Ria, you’re getting payat na (thin already!) WOOT! Yes, flattered much.

Things I feel uncomfortable hearing or reading however, include

  • Negative comments about fellow colleagues
  • Questions/comments about alcohol and partying. Yes, I may do these things but it’s not for class consumption
  • In the same manner, topics like what are the best diet pills or weight loss techniques. Much as I may be working at my own weight loss, I feel I shouldn’t be advising or talking about these to my students because they may just go and do it (eeep….)
  • Hearing them bully or tease other students
  • Complaints about education being useless
  • Asking what the “prize” is if they submit tasks early

Overall, however, while I may have listed more things I don’t like than those I like, one thing I know for sure is I SO LOVE TEACHING MY COLLEGE KIDS :)

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