Even Teachers Looooove WIFI!!!

Um…just a disclaimer: when it comes to teaching, I don’t talk or write this way, but on my Facebook, I can be crazy goofy right? Haha….

Anyway, last Thursday when I got to school, I saw a super duper pleasant surprise when I switched on my lappy: a full WIFI signal. At first I couldn’t believe it (well, mainly because for the longest time I was hoping our department would get a wifi signal, after all, almost the entire campus is wifi enabled hehe). To be fair, we did have out local area network or LAN things working, but sometimes, I’d run out of an outlet. Sometimes too I’d end up with one of those cables that kinda would be wonky, so I’d be downloading something (errr…okay fine, I’d be Facebooking haha) between classes and I’d suddenly get disconnected. At least now, I don’t have to keep calling the ITC guys for a network cable tester or a replacement network cable for that matter! Woot. I’m soooo happy.

That should be good right??? After all, happy teachers make for happy teaching :) mwihihihi.

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