A Whole Lot of Things To Celebrate

It dawned to me that it’s been a while since I last really updated my blogs because I’ve been so busy with so many things. Sure, I get to cram several posts in a day, but that’s usually because it’s the only free day I get, so I end up writing three to five posts in a row. When I first started, I was kinda able to post at least one daily. *sigh*

But then, I have to take pause and recognize that I am not able to post not only because I’ve been so busy with work, but also I’ve been so busy with celebrating life’s great miracles (oh…and mysteries at times hehe!)…these include

  • welcoming new friends and opportunities
  • touching base with friends from way back
  • saying goodbye to people and things that no longer have a place in my life
  • trying on new “hats” and “stilettos”
  • being able to witness so many changes in the lives of people around me, such as friends getting married, having babies and all

See…too many things going on. So much so I am contemplating hording on little presents and tokens like those little toy silver spoons or bubble gum cigars to hand out to all my wonderful friends and loved ones who have so many things to celebrate :)

As for me, one thing I am ready to celebrate is the coming of summer :) What are you celebrating? Care to share?

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