No Hands Zone! Hisense Launches Multipoint Wireless Mobility

A few months ago I wrote a post about Justin Bieber and Charice signing the No Texting Zone Pact on the Oprah Winfrey show and so when I got an invitation to the launch of of Hisense Wireless Wonders headsets and Bluetooth accessories, I did not hesitate to attend. Being highly dependent on my mobile phone and given that my many jobs requires me to be out of the house for long periods of time, I thought it best to check out these new gadgets and to see if they will suit my busy lifestyle.

What exactly was launched during the event? Well, for one, we were introduced to the line of Multipoint Headsets and other Bluetooth Accessories that can make mobile connectivity simpler, quicker and most of all, safer. These devices allow you to pair multiple devices thus allowing you to connect hands-free with no hassles of having to pair and re-pair devices repeatedly. The multipoint feature of the Hisense HB200M headsets allow you to even connect simultaneously with two different phones, even if they are under different network providers. Thus, you are always ready to receive your calls with instant connectivity.

Hisense also introduced the HB650S Car kit (which I seriously wanted to win during the raffle, hehe!). Given that I spend so much time in my car, having this will definitely reduce risks as I take calls from time to time. Yes, I know we shouldn’t use the phone while driving, but…well, this definitely makes it safer, right? :) What’s good about the car kit is that it has a Smart TTS (Text to Speech) feature enables it to inform you who is calling, without you needing to check on the display.

Adding to the versatility of Hisense Bluetooth devices is the fact that it is designed for both fashion and functionality. Whether its for work or for play, these devices will definitely add some flair to wireless mobility.

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