May 11, 2011

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Over-gadgeted Kids

A few days ago, I was in one of those gadget stores in a mall and I saw a kid, about three or four years old if I’m not mistaken, pull her mom to the displays and say, ” Mama, buy ipod touch“. A few minutes later, she walked out of the store with her very own “toy”.

Hmmm…some parents would frown upon such a behavior, but for me (okay, I may not be a mom, but… :)) I think it CAN be a good thing. Granted it isn’t ALWAYS a good thing, I think it has limitless potentials. When my fellow teacher friends and I were discussing it, we talked about how different it is not to educate young kids. We now have so many modern ways of teaching the basic academic competencies, many of which were unavailable when we were starting out.

As I have said many times over in this blog alone, modern technology continues to evolve and new gadgets will continue to be invented. We can’t fight that, and so the best thing we can do is not just over-gadget our kids, but to make sure we find the potential of each of these gadgets to do good for our kids. Maybe I think that way because in a way, my mom indulged me with gadgets as well, but to be honest, it was through those gadgets that I learned many, many things.

Some guidelines, I think, that can be helpful are the following:

  • set a “gadget schedule”  which allows you to monitor the amount of time spent on such activities
  • enroll your kids in more “active” activities, such as sports and the like so they have alternative activities too.
  • utilize the gadgets as educational tools by downloading educational apps and ebooks
  • monitor, monitor, monitor their activities on the gadgets :)

Have fun :)

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  1. If I had my way, my kid (he’s 6 now) wouldn’t have his own cellphone till he was at least in high school. And if he did, it’d be a dirt cheap model, not the latest fad. But I guess that probably won’t be, and I’ll be eating my own words, seeing that the need to be quickly in touch will be more important especially when he will have to rely less on his yaya or us bringing him to school in the coming years.

    No offense to parents who give their kids modern and high tech gadgets even at such a young age, if that’s their parenting style, to each his/her own. But I want my kids to grow up with just the right dose of technology and ones that are age appropriate. Gadgets are pricey, we certainly could live without them when we were growing up. And they tend to keep kids more preoccupied on their “thing” rather than seeing the world from kid eyes. Running around the garden and playing with the sprinklers is less appealing now because hours on the xbox nowadays. Gadgets are bad… but good too. LoL… parenting in the modern world is hard!

    But technology advances faster than we can say iphone and the kids of today are more tech worldly as ever. Until when I can hold off the cellphone or new tech toy, I dunno. Maybe I’ll be successful and my kids have very little interaction with gadgets till timbucktoo… or maybe I’ll have to bite my tongue and really let them have a go if it is well deserved or really needed. Who knows. :)

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