May 20, 2011

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Random Snappies: Goodbye Friendster!

Recently I (and I guess the rest of the Friendster social networking community haha) got the notice that the old site was being closed down and revamped to a new platform. Like many other users, I decided to log on and check what was still there.

Oh it was like a trip down memory lane! I came across photos and testimonials, friends I haven’t heard from in, like forever, and so on and so forth. One of the photos I found there was this one:

It was that of a trip two of my best college friends and I took way back in 2007 to Bangkok. Despite that being a difficult period of my life, that was one of the most fun trips I had ever taken in my life. We capped of the trip with an evening at the 360 bar of the Hilton hotel where we probably spent more for the evening than we did for all other meals combined haha. When I shared the photo on Facebook, my friend said, do you remember how we messed with that cab driver that brought us home from the Hilton? haha. It was soooo funny because the cab driver was trying to hit on us and was asking our names and stuff. We said we were, errr…Lindsay, Christina and Britney. Yes, named after the pop singers haha. At that time they were all the rage (well, before they kinda went off course and got in trouble with the law and had to be confined into california treatment centers and in jail, etcetera etcetera). In any case, it was fun pretending that evening! :)

Have you logged on to your Friendster account? What memories did you find there???

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