May 31, 2011

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To Preschool or Not To Preschool? Why not do both with the Kids on Focus Kittens Program!

I often get asked, both as a former preschool teacher and as a psychologist who works extensively with children is whether or not a preschool education is really necessary and if so, at what age is it most recommended. Also, what kind of a school program is better or whether homeschooling is a good option or not.

My standard answer for this is IT DEPENDS :) Of course the standard response I get is either an eye-roll or a heavy sigh from parents who get frustrated because I don’t give them a straight answer. My friends say sana di nalang ako nagtanong. Hehe… but well, that’s what I think is the best answer. While I do believe in the value of early childhood education, I also believe that each child responds differently, has different needs and learns in his or her own way. I follow this up, however, by telling them three important points to consider or to think about as part of their decision making process:

1. What are your goals or objectives for choosing to enroll in a preschool (or the choice of a program for that matter)?

2. What resources are available to your child? For example, is your child home alone for most of the day with only a nanny on hand or are you a stay at home parent? Also, does the child have siblings, cousins, and other children around to interact with?  If no, perhaps he/she will benefit from being around other kids on a regular basis through a school program.

3. Most importantly, is your child ready? I, for one, was a child enrolled in the preschool at age 2. Lucky for me, my school was a non-traditional school that did not force me to sit down and learn to read and write even if I wasn’t ready yet. It also helped that my teacher was able to spot red flags in my learning process that could have led to potential difficulties if not addressed early. Perhaps, if I had been enrolled in a more traditional school, I wouldn’t have thrived the way I did, mainly because I wasn’t ready.

Whatever answers the parents give me to these questions help me in responding to their needs because the bottom line for me is that there is no one size fits all when it comes to preschooling. Unlike, let’s say, more formal grade school education where a more set curriculum is in place. In the preschool, maybe a more flexible program is what a child needs.

This is exactly what the Kittens program of the school Kids on Focus is really all about. As they put it, children who have parents who can act as their primary teachers need not spend 5 days in a preschool.  For these children, going to the preschool can serve as a supplement or to complement, perhaps, what happens in the home. In these cases, preschooling attends to two important goals: the development of gross motor and fine motor skill as well as to improve their social skills.

The Kids on Focus’ KITTENS program is specifically designed to develop your child’s motor and socio-emotional skills through a 3-days-a-week (MWF) or 2-days-a-week (WF) school schedule.  This program is open to children aged 2 – 4 years old. Classes are held from 8-11 am or 12-3 pm.

For more inquiries call KOF at 6826207


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  1. I am actually in a dilemma right now whether to enroll him on a 3 days a week program or not. I feel that my 3 year old needs to learn something more than what I’m teaching him at home. Syempre iba pag me ibang kids din coz maho-hone ang social skills nya. Eh at home ako lang palagi coz my eldest will be going to school na this coming Monday.

    My hubby and I are still undecided because we are going to spend a whopping 30K for just the pre-nursery sessions. But I know that my son will enjoy and learn more when he goes to school.

    • Teacher Ria says:

      hi mommy,

      thank you for dropping by! i do agree that being with other kids is a great addition to what it is you teach your son in school :) hope my article helps you and your hubby in the decision making process :)

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