Jun 22, 2011

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Things I’ll Never Understand: Road Edition

Today as I was driving home I was inspired (errr…I don’t know if inspired is the best term, but, heck, I’ll go with it haha!) to list down some things I’ll never understand. Where did this come from, you may ask. Well…lately I’ve been saying that to myself. While I often try to understand and make sense of what’s going on around me, try as I may, there are some that remain unexplainable. Mind you…I’m not talking about astrophysics here, but common every day occurrences. Let me put it in context….

Today as I was driving home, I once again got caught in traffic. Why? Because of people who keep insisting on making a salubong or counterflowing in our very very tiny roads.

Secondly…I’ll never understand why traffic enforcers think ignoring the stop light and manually directing traffic is more efficient.

Third, I can’t understand for the life of me why so many road diggings have to be done at the same time….and over and over again. I swear you have to know all the side streets just to avoid such bottlenecks. Sad thing is, even with one of those nuvi 465t gps systems, you’d probably be caught in traffic because of, you guessed it, more road repairs. I’d think that if they’d do road diggings on one side of the major thoroughfares they’d keep the back streets free first, right? But no….

Lastly, I’ll never, never understand why drivers thing weaving from one lane to another (when it’s traffic, more specifically) can get them to their destination faster. Then again, one car ahead is still one car ahead right?

Yes, this is my way of dealing with road frustration…better than road rage, right? Haha. Gnyty folks.

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Jun 19, 2011

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What’s in A Name?

Yesterday over lunch, I was chatting via text messages with a dear friend of mine and we had a somewhat interesting and funny exchange about names because there was a birthday party going on in the resto I was in and the celebrant had, well, a kinda funny name. So I told my friend about it and she goes, I have a cousin with that name (toink…foot in mouth!) haha. Then again , it was indeed a sorta funny sounding name then I go, if for some crazy reason I decide to name my kids funny in the future, please toink me. Then again, when the time came I’d like to name my kids Nicholas or Chloe. Those sound nice, right? Haha.

Seriously though, as a preschool teacher I’ve heard all sorts of weird, strange and downright “what-the-heck-were-your-parents-thinking” names. Yes, granted they’re not my kids and that it’s one’s prerogative to name their kids, but sometimes I want to tell parents to be more mindful about their choices. I mean, how would you feel if you were named after a pair of womens boots for example? Or a strange sounding concept? More importantly, what if your first and last names kinda had a double meaning to it? I remember reading not too long ago about how a woman’s nickname translated to the woman’s reproductive organ in a foreign language.

So what’s in a name, after all? Well, studies suggest that it can contribute to one’s personality. On a more pragmatic reason I say be careful what you name your kids is that this can become an avenue for teasing in the future, right? But yeah, as many would say, it’s just a name. If I were a mom, though, I’d think twice :)
Random thoughts from this teacher who has had too many a weird name to contend with :)

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Jun 19, 2011

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Tips on Choosing A College Course – Part 2

In one of my last posts, I shared about how I simply fell into my college course. Lucky for me, I did not just earn a college degree from that, but it was actually the right one for me. Over the past few days it struck me that even my graduate school program was such a random choice as well…it wasn’t something I had planned from the beginning nor had wanted to do, but, well, it happened. And I am forever grateful.

Like I said, though, when it comes to choosing a college choice, it should not be a random decision. Maybe you can get lucky like I did, but planning ahead and making logical choices wouldn’t hurt, right? So how does one go about choosing what’s best anyway? Like Conan O’Brien said in a recent speech he gave in the Dartmouth commencement exercises, your life goals change over time, so maybe what you want to do at the start of your college career may not be what you want at the end. Some, however, are very clear on their decisions and I guess that makes the whole choosing a college course dilemma less of a dilemma for them.

I guess the most important thing to choosing a college course would include thinking about the various opportunities that go hand in hand with the degree you aim to obtain. For example, if you’re unsure whether you want to go into business, education or medicine in the beginning of your college career, maybe choosing a course such as Humanities or Psychology can be an option, rather than Biology, as there are more diverse avenues in the first two courses rather than the latter.

Other things one can do prior to choosing a course can include attending university open houses or joining campus tours. Not too long ago, for example, I saw a tarpaulin ad in an aviation school near the clinic I work in inviting interested students to attend an open house. If I’m not mistaken, he tours being offered also allowed them to see various equipment, machinery, flight gear and scopes/radars first hand. This allows one to try out, so to speak, the course to see if they actually like it.

Lastly, one can try to talk to people who have graduated from the course they are considering and to get insights from those who went through it already. That can help them gain perspective and assess the direction in which they can go.


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Jun 19, 2011

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Happy Dad’s Day!

To all the daddies out there, Happy Dad’s Day!

As for me, I am thankful for the dads in my life, no matter where on this world (or out of it for that matter! teehee) they are.

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Jun 17, 2011

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Tips on Choosing Your College Course

Last night a friend of mine and I were chatting about her son trying to pick a course for college as submission of applications for UP is closely approaching. It got me to thinking about how I picked my own course in college….

I had been hell bent on taking psychology, but since it was a quota course, I was advised to pick a non-quota as my second choice. What I did was browse through the list and pick the once course that sounded nice…even if I had no idea what it was. Lucky for me it turned out to be the best choice for me.

Anyway, for those trying to choose their courses now, I strongly suggest not following my lead. Harhar. Do think about the following when trying to decide what’s best for you.

1. What do you want to do after you graduate?
2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
3. What kind of activities do you like doing?
4. What is your preferred learning style?
5. What do you find interesting in terms of work and employment?

Those are but a few questions to get you started. Other things you can look at would be your personality, social skills and of course, what kind of grades do you have. While grades (in my personal opinion) is not necessarily a great measure of what you can or cannot do, it is still something to consider.

Will come up with more tips and ideas as soon as I can! Good luck.

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