Jun 12, 2011

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Benefits of Becoming A Teacher

Earning one of many online teaching degrees is a respectable and intelligent way to become a teacher, and the caliber of instruction is the same as that of attending traditional classroom settings. There are several benefits to becoming a teacher.

Prestige and Respect

In their communities, teachers are looked up to as highly influential and educated professionals. They’re given much the same respect as physicians, attorneys and bankers. People realize the enormous impact that a teacher has in molding the lives of his many students, no matter what grade level he teaches. It’s this intangible feeling or pride and professionalism in his work that a teacher derives much of his satisfaction.

Excellent Benefits

Teachers receive some of the most impressive array of working benefits as compared to any other profession. They receive major medical coverage, full dental and vision coverage for their families, and superb retirement benefits such as a 401k. They also receive paid vacations, paid sick days and at some educational institutions even paid holidays. These benefits greatly help them with their living expenses. Some teachers even receive annual bonuses depending on what level they’re teaching at.

Tenure Potential

At the collegiate and university levels, the most successful academicians will be considered for tenure. This basically means that they will be able to keep their jobs for as long as they want to. This provides them with a strong sense of career and financial security. These tenure track professors can have much less pressure and strain on themselves due to the knowledge of knowing that their jobs will be permanently reserved for them. This gives them an added incentive to become the best teachers they can be by helping their students out as much as they can.

Emotional Rewards

Teaching students new subjects is very psychologically satisfying to teachers. It’s one of the greatest intangible benefits of the profession. Watching their pupils expand their minds and absorb new amounts of knowledge each day, week and month allows teachers to feel good about themselves that they’re doing a huge, positive service in the eyes of their students. They also know they’re greatly satisfying the parents of their students by doing the best job they can at making them smarter individuals. No amount of money can replace these emotional rewards that teachers derive from their profession.

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Jun 9, 2011

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Rainy Days and School Days are Oh So NOT Fun!

Today marked the first school suspension due to rains. Well, at least in the elementary and high school levels. In college, as to be expected, classes went on as usual. I’m glad, though, that it didn’t rain too hard and that the streets weren’t too flooded, although there was some build up of water on the ground. Sure it was not enough to stall cars and stuff, but when you have to park in the street or in those¬† steel garages like in the malls that get so very slippery when wet, it’s such a hassle.

For me, I really, really hate rainy days when there are classes because one, I hate being cold and wet (errr….and as many know I so hate the rain to begin with!). Also, when it’s rainy, the kids often come in late. It’s so frustrating. Lastly, on rainy days, it’s just so hard to motivate everyone to work. Sigh.

Anyway, on the way home I was listening to an AM station on the radio where the show’s hosts were discussing the idea of moving the opening of classes to August instead of June. As can be expected, it was a conversation that went round and round teeeheeehee. It did get me to thinking however about what the best solution for rainy days and school days should be.I couldn’t think of one though…haha. I just wish that there was a better mechanism for the cancellation of classes in the college level when it’s rainy because at present, even when it’s super rainy and floody, there’s still classes unless it is declared as Signal Number 3. But by the time that happens, students and teachers are usually in school already. What to do…what to do….

and just like that radio conversation, this blog post is going around in circles. haha. Seriously though…any suggestions?


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Jun 9, 2011

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Gearing Up for the School Year!


Haha :) Yes, this is Teacher Ria being a little bit sad about not being part of the coming school year. Classes in the school I used to teach in start next week and I’m kinda missing it a little bit more than usual right about now. Sigh. No regrets though.

Anyway, this is not a post for parents and kids who are gearing up for the coming year, but this is for all you teachers out there who still make it a point to be in a little kids classroom:

CHEERS TO YOU!!!! Wishing you a fun, exciting and joyful year ahead.

I’m inggit. Haha :)

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Jun 8, 2011

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Read to Help Others Read

A few years back I joined in on the call to say no to the Philippine Book Blockade because I believed very much in the value of reading, whether this be in the classroom setting or in the comforts of our own rooms, curled up with a good book on cold rainy days. It’s sad, however, that books so often are not accessible to many of our fellow countrymen, especially those who cannot afford it. It isn’t surprising that majority of public schools (and students) do not meet a 1:1 ratio of students to books.

Recently I came across this book sale/fund raiser via Facebook for the benefit of the AGAPP Foundation. Proceeds of the sale will be used to purchase new children’s books to be placed in the different schools that AGAPP has built all over the Philippines.

Check out their Facebook Page to see how you can help :)

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Jun 4, 2011

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Scrapbooking Made Easy

A few months ago I wrote about a scrapbooking event I attended and I shared with you guys how my scrapping experience went. That blog post was actually a contest entry and as I shared in my Facebook wall, I won it! Here were some things that came with the prize! :)

I love it!!! These are not just fabulous for scrapbooking, but it also works well for learning materials. I used a whole bunch of these in decorating our department bulletin board. These scrapbooking accessories and pages are readily available at almost all National Bookstore outlets, and as we all know, National Bookstore is like, everywhere! Gone are the days where looking for stores that Sell Gold and silver stretchy thread, and cutesy buttons that are affordable and all are limited to Divisoria and Baclaran :)

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