Jun 4, 2011

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Random Snappy: I Miss….

I so miss painting on walls :)

This time of the year is always hectic yet super fun in the preschool setting. This is the time we design our classrooms and come up with all sorts of cutiepatootey decorations for teaching aids. I have done all sorts of themes for my rooms in the past, from Under the Sea to Gardens in Bloom. I love love looooove this part of the school year.

And yes, I sooo superdidooper miss it right about now.

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Jun 2, 2011

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Learning from Outside the Classroom

If there is one thing I wish I had the chance to do when I was younger, it was to have had the opportunity to become an exchange student…in Paris preferably. My eldest cousin was able to join a foreign exchange program at one point during his high school education and he was able to spend a year in a school in the United States and it was not just a fun opportunity, it really opened up a lot of doors for him. Obviously I never got to do it, but if I could, I really would have :) Although I would have wanted to do an exchange program to be immersed in a different culture in a school setting, other foreign exchange programs can either focus on touring/cultural exposure or on community service.

If I were a parent of a teenager, I would definitely encourage my son or daughter to try join one of those summer volunteer programs offered by various institutions and organizations. Some church groups, for example, even do teen summer community service activities which allows participants to truly engage in volunteer work. Not only do these programs allow let a teen volunteer abroad, this also allows the participant to explore his or her leadership abilities, as well as maximize their potentials.

Exchange programs, whether local or abroad, are definitely something worth investing in. Whether it is academic based, sports oriented or for socio-civic causes, the learning a teenager gets from this is truly priceless. This is really what learning is actually all about, in my opinion. It’s going beyond theory, it’s not just practice, but it’s actually living and breathing through what it is you try to learn, all done outside the four walls of a classroom.


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Jun 1, 2011

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Impressions, Perceptions and Misconceptions

One of the things that really get me the most is the way some salesladies in the malls treat shoppers who they think are not in a position to afford items from their store. For example, today, I decided to dress down…as I said in my Facebook status message, I am on student mode today, ergo the high heels, the make-up and formal dresses stayed home. Little did I know I would end up in the mall meeting up with a dear, dear friend of mine. While waiting, I decided to have a look around in the mall and well, I went into one of those high end stores and suffice it to say, I wasn’t given the attention I usually get when I am all dressed. Annoying right?

It really gets to me how people often make judgments from these kinds of impressions. This is why in the class I teach on personal effectiveness, I always tell my students two important things:

1. First impressions often last very long and

2. Misconceptions are often formed from these first impressions therefore use your judgment wisely.

As part of my curriculum, I teach them skills like power dressing and resume writing. I also tell them to invest in business cards even if they don’t have much to put in it. I tell them they don’t really need a high end print company to make it, and they don’t even need the embossed kinds or what not. I shared with them how small home based printing businesses, such as that of my friends who mainly does invitation and poster printing, can also make affordable cards for them. This is essential, I tell them, in making good first impressions.

At the end of the day, however, what I tell them most is that beyond the first impression, what really lasts is how they reveal their true selves and allow their personalities to shine.

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