What’s in A Name?

Yesterday over lunch, I was chatting via text messages with a dear friend of mine and we had a somewhat interesting and funny exchange about names because there was a birthday party going on in the resto I was in and the celebrant had, well, a kinda funny name. So I told my friend about it and she goes, I have a cousin with that name (toink…foot in mouth!) haha. Then again , it was indeed a sorta funny sounding name then I go, if for some crazy reason I decide to name my kids funny in the future, please toink me. Then again, when the time came I’d like to name my kids Nicholas or Chloe. Those sound nice, right? Haha.

Seriously though, as a preschool teacher I’ve heard all sorts of weird, strange and downright “what-the-heck-were-your-parents-thinking” names. Yes, granted they’re not my kids and that it’s one’s prerogative to name their kids, but sometimes I want to tell parents to be more mindful about their choices. I mean, how would you feel if you were named after a pair of womens boots for example? Or a strange sounding concept? More importantly, what if your first and last names kinda had a double meaning to it? I remember reading not too long ago about how a woman’s nickname translated to the woman’s reproductive organ in a foreign language.

So what’s in a name, after all? Well, studies suggest that it can contribute to one’s personality. On a more pragmatic reason I say be careful what you name your kids is that this can become an avenue for teasing in the future, right? But yeah, as many would say, it’s just a name. If I were a mom, though, I’d think twice :)

Random thoughts from this teacher who has had too many a weird name to contend with :)

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