Jul 3, 2011

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Still The Same

Today I met up with my college friends and I couldn’t help but smile at how much we are still the same when we get together. Perhaps a wee bit mellow, and though our styles more sophisticated (yes, even the guys…more formal compared to the urban clothes they used to wear) deep down inside we’re still the simple teenagers that met many, many years ago.

It was in the university that we first met, and it’s interesting to note that back then, I had sworn to be the first to shift out of our course to go into Psychology because I had no intentions of teaching, but, well…things changed and I found myself in the teaching profession haha. I guess it really is where I was supposed to be, huh? And today, I still found that same old Teacher Ria who I got to know in college. We even got to laughing about I still am the non-confrontational and compliant me that they got to know back then (yes, my friends are very headstrong and determined). It was a fun night :)

And yes, after 12 years, we are still the same and  for that I am grateful :)

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