Jul 13, 2011

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Teacher Finds Her Joy

Today I was reminded of little joys I get from my profession. I will admit that lately I’ve been feeling all frustrated and stuck in a rut (professionally, at least) and I have really been thinking about perhaps shifting gears and taking on a job that will allow me to bring home a bigger paycheck. But then I gave it some thought and I realized that where else can I get a job that will allow me to have the schedule I have now and the freedom to take on different types of tasks and roles?

Then out of the blue, one of my students texted me and told me that her heart was so full today and that she was very happy. Although it wasn’t me that did that for her, I realized, that feeling that she has, that’s what I feel when I see my kids graduate and become their own people. I love how our conversations evolve from theoretical concepts to more lived experiences. I find joy in being a part of all of that. I also love it when they feel comfortable to talk to me about issues such as how to handle their relationships, whether or not weight loss pills are advisable and what to do about certain things that they go through. While I do maintain a comfortable distance from them, I realized that I find joy in letting them be part of my life as well :)

And so for now, at least, I think I still belong in the classroom. Correction: I KNOW this is where I belong.

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