Toys of Today

I don’t know if it’s just me, but have you noticed how complicated toys of today can be?!? Gaaawd. Let me put it in context….last Sunday, we celebrated my niece’s third birthday. Of course she received a lot of presents to mark the occasion, right? One of the gifts she got was this princess set. It was kinda like a doll house, but it was a castle. It came complete with towers, horses and carriages, a garden and a drawbridge etcetera etcetera. Not only was it difficult to assemble it, getting it out of the box was such a complicated matter I tell ya! Haha. It was funny though that while¬† I couldn’t figure out how to hook those rings like a trailer hitch in the carriage, the three year old simply slipped it together and viola, a hooked carriage to the horses reins. Okay okay…maybe the toys weren’t complicated after all. Maybe it’s me. Haha.

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