Oct 5, 2011

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Teacher Says Thank You…

To all the teachers who have come my way, both inside and outside of the four walls of the classroom.

To all the teachers who, at one point or another, picked me up by my boots and helped me get back on my feet

To all the teachers who patiently waited until I got it right, and those who, when the need arose, pushed me to the limit just to prove I can do it after all

To all the teachers who taught me what life is all about

Thank you.

Thank you for teaching me more than just my ABC’s

Thank you for showing me that what really counts goes beyond just 123

Thank you for being patient with me when I make mistakes

Thank you for not just bearing with but also accepting the difficulties and flaws I came with

Thank you for loving your job even when it was unlovable,

more so thank you for loving the things that came with the job, even when it was hard

Thank you too, for loving students like me, who may not always be easy to love, nor deserve it for that matter

Thank you for inspiring me to also teach

and not just that, thank you for inspiring me to teach with heart and not just mind.

And yes, like I said last year, I teach because you taught me well :)

For all you’ve done, I will always be thankful.

Happy, happy teachers day :)


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