Oct 20, 2011

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Today’s Random Snappy: I Miss Sembreak

Today I realized how much I miss sembreak. :( Since I am not teaching preschool this year, I am missing out on one of the kids’ favorite parties: our halloween celebration! Sure we don’t go with the whole witches, goblins and monsters theme, but it still is fun :) One year our theme was storybook characters. One of the kids came in such a cute Harry Potter costume!! We do remind our parents not to let their kids come in dressed inappropriately (which surprisingly does happen a lot! can you imagine I saw a picture once of a kid dressed up in french maid lingerie??? errr…hello!?!) and in something that they can relate to or recognize.

Right after the halloween party comes our sembreak. For the preschool I was teaching in, they end this week…and they have a vacation…I DONT!!! WAAAAH…..

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