Nov 24, 2011

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One Step at a Time Mommy Dearest…

Once again I found myself shaking my head in amazement at how some parents become too overzealous about their children’s progress. Maybe I feel this way because I am not yet a mommy, or maybe because I don’t understand where they’re coming from. However, after being around so many mommies and their kids over so long, I realize that there are indeed those parents who just get too worried about the progress of their children. Imagine, I have some parents who want their kids to already be reading and writing, when in fact their fine motors aren’t totally developed yet. In fact, they’re barely out of their baby jogger city mini gt double strollers and so the big motors are still developing. The only thing I could reply to that parent I was talking to then was, slowly mommy, it will come when the time is right. One step at a time.

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Nov 22, 2011

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Sorry Goes a Long Way

Last week in class I lost my temper. No, I did not throw a hissy fit, but I did let my students know I was upset. I was annoyed at how they take my class for granted and how they feel that they can easily whip out their iPhones with all those flashy iphone covers and play games or take random photos during the session. I hate too how they walk in and out of the room and do other things for their other classes. I’ve even had students who say “I’m sorry Miss, my other major had a project/paper/exam”. Grrr. As if mine was not important.  Grrr grrr grrr.

When I came home, I got an email from one of the kids in the class apologizing for the behavior I had called out. It was nice to receive an apology and though the behavior was annoying, the sorry did go a long way :) Teachers, after all, are still human :)

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Nov 4, 2011

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Dear Teacher Ria…

Dear Teacher Ria,

I miss being you. I miss how you would goto work in just t-shirts and jeans, and just be so casual and free.  I miss how it felt to just be  playing with clay and getting all sticky with glue. I miss the joy of  laughing and running around with careless abandon. I even  miss opening all those weirdly shaped tetra packs during snack time.

I miss random questions that are just so innocent and pure. I miss not worrying about what others will think. I miss just being carefree and childlike. I miss reading silly stories and singing songs even if I can’t sing.

I miss you. I really do.


Miss Ria.

Yes, this is me thinking about the preschool and how much I miss it. Was it the right choice? In my heart I know, sometimes though I can’t help but miss it :)

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