Nov 4, 2011

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Dear Teacher Ria…

Dear Teacher Ria,

I miss being you. I miss how you would goto work in just t-shirts and jeans, and just be so casual and free.  I miss how it felt to just be  playing with clay and getting all sticky with glue. I miss the joy of  laughing and running around with careless abandon. I even  miss opening all those weirdly shaped tetra packs during snack time.

I miss random questions that are just so innocent and pure. I miss not worrying about what others will think. I miss just being carefree and childlike. I miss reading silly stories and singing songs even if I can’t sing.

I miss you. I really do.


Miss Ria.

Yes, this is me thinking about the preschool and how much I miss it. Was it the right choice? In my heart I know, sometimes though I can’t help but miss it :)

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