Jan 5, 2012

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Make or Break Term

Well, well, well…it seems like only yesterday when the second trimester ended and now I’m at the cusp of what is turning out to be a make or break term for me. I really, really have to figure things out by the end of this school year. Do I want to trade in my books and chalk for something new? As many of my friends know I have given up the preschool classroom this past year (or 2011 should I say) and now I wonder if my classroom has really gone beyond the four walls of a building. Don’t get me wrong: I am not giving up my university teaching job. I’ve just been thinking, maybe I need to teach something more creative…howsabout arts and crafts?? Maybe a class that teaches mandala making or perhaps jewelry making, such as those threaded friendship bands or perhapsmacrame shamballa bracelets? Let’s see, let’s see.

Midlife crisis much? Har.

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