Little Green Steps

One of my goals this year, not just as a teacher, but as a human being in general, is to go green. I want to be able to make a contribution in whatever small way to saving the earth. After all, I have contributed in my own way many times to the detriment of our environment, right? So I guess it’s time I tried to redeem myself. One thing I have made a point to do as a teacher is to have my students submit homework either via email or printed in recycled paper. When we have pop quizzes and in my daily attendance questions, I use small pieces of old paper. As a shopper, I try to bring reusable bags more consistently. As an emerging vegetarian (I have just recently shifted to this lifestyle), I am thinking of getting myself one of those composters from so I can reduce my wastes as well.

Whatever it is, I have come to the realization that every little step counts. What inspired me to think that way? Something my student said…

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