Apr 15, 2012

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I Don’t Wanna Wear Shoes…

This will be one of the most random posts ever. You have been warned :)

For the longest time, I was known for my stilettos and my flair for the dramatic when I get all dolled up. Even when I was teaching in preschool, I would wear heels to school. Daily. Always. No matter when. Sometimes it would be a wedge, sometimes pumps, but more often than not, stilettos. I’d also always been in pretty dresses and accessorized to the hilt…dangly earrings, emerald rings. chunk necklaces, you name it I wore it.

However, since I have fallen in love with yoga, I have stopped wearing shoes…and now I long for a job that won’t require me to wear shoes on a daily basis. Flip flops will do, no more shoes, please :) I wear stretchy pants and tank tops, and pearl studs if ever, are now my daily attire.

Nope, I’m not becoming unfashionable, I’ve just changed gears.

And now I know what I wanna do…I wanna be a yoga teacher. When I do, I can still say I am an accidental teacher, I guess. Teaching yoga was something I never thought I’d do, but right now, with all my heart, I know it is what I am meant to do :)

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