Multiple Intelligences

Yesterday was grade consultation day and for the first time ever, I had more than 3 students come to me for consultation. The funny thing is for most of them, it wasn’t about their performance in their class that they came to talk to me about, but about other things they were feeling and going through. Some of them were struggling in their courses (and mind you, not in my subject!) and so they were asking what they should do next. They were feeling conflicted about whether they should stay in their current programs or whether they should shift to another. I told them I did not have an answer for them, and that only they can make that decision, but that they really have to think about a few things before making a choice. First off, what are they interested in? What are their strengths and weaknesses? After that I said they have to take into consideration their resources. Lastly, I asked them to think about what they want and what is holding them back from achieving this.

One of the things I noticed they struggled with was the idea that society demands a certain type of position for them and that their interests were not “acceptable”. I guess I kinda resonate with that, because I know I am not a scientist/researcher and that I really am more of a creative thinker, which is why thesis writing has been such a struggle for me. I told them that we all have different intelligences. Maybe someone who cannot piece together a logical argument for a philosophical discussion can put apart and reassemble one of those amt pumps with their eyes closed, or maybe she can create a fabulous art installation but not cut through someone’s brain in surgery. However, the artsy type is often not given the same credit the “smart” type. That statement in itself is so unfair, because creativity IS part of intelligence, right? I wish I had better answers for my students. All I can offer them now is a prayer and a listening ear.

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