Apr 15, 2012

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Never on a Sunday.

I am the type of teacher who often lets her students get away with almost anything. And when I say that, I mean it. Seriously. My philosophy as a teacher in the undergraduate level, after all, has always been that my students are no longer children who need constant supervision and reminders of what is right and wrong. Rather, they are young adults who are capable of making personal choices and are aware of what is good for them. Therefore if they want to cut my class, by all means, it’s not my problem. Sorry nalang pag dating sa course card day. I may not seem like I check attendance or give a high premium to it, but I do take note of it for a purpose after all. If they don’t want to submit work, that’s fine, too, but it’s their call. Like I said, malalaki na naman sila.

While I may be lenient in that regard, I do make it clear to my students that there are boundaries to be maintained and common sense rules and behaviors that must be observed. And when I say common sense rules and behaviors, I mean basic etiquette and good conduct, such as coming to class on time (well, tardy within a decent grace period is acceptable but not 40 minutes late). Also, basic courtesy should apply like put your phone on silent mode.

Common sense, right?

Apparently not.

Today I got another one of those little reminders that these kids, much as I think they’re adults, still need to be reminded of common courtesy.

I very, very rarely give out my cellphone number to my students because I feel they do not need to know my number. However, there are cases when I HAVE to give it, such as when I am mentoring and advising. I always remind them, though, to only text during office hours and on weekdays. Never on a Sunday.

But no…again, I get a message.

I don’t know, but when I was in college, I never assumed it was okay to bother my teachers after class, let alone a weekend (and yes, may cellphona na nung panahon na iyon). I don’t know why students of today don’t think that way too. Can someone enlighten me???

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