May 9, 2012

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We’re All A Little Different…

If there’s one important thing I learned to appreciate through because of writing my thesis, it’s the fact that we’re all a little different. I was reminded of this a lot because I struggled greatly with writing that darned paper. It was so frustrating because I am a good writer. At least I think I am. Seriously though, I would like to think that I am a good creative writer. However, technical writing is really not my thing.

I began to appreciate the fact that we’re all a little different because of that. One of my colleagues, for example, is really good at the technical stuff, but not at the creative stuff. I guess that’s also true for kids who can be very good at math but sucky in sports. I remember one time I had a student who could memorize the entire atlas, name all the different species of dinosaurs, identify every possible power tool and construction equipment, and even differentiate between nail bits and end mills, but when I’d ask him to answer reading comprehension questions, he could never do it.

And so like I was saying, through my thesis I learned to appreciate that we all are indeed different learners. As such, while I may have completed my research, I can’t help but feel that I gave too much of a literary tone to it. Oh well. Haha.

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